Activate Powerful Android 12 Feature on Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Right Now

Link to grab required Samsung app to activate android 12 feature: …

63 thoughts on “Activate Powerful Android 12 Feature on Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Right Now

  1. This isn't new, I set the home button for Google Assistant God knows how long ago… It seems easier to single or double tap that rather than use the side key 🔑 .

  2. I don't know why this is useful. I like the long press to be my power off menu. I don't want to do that in the quick settings panel. And I don't know anybody who uses an assistant on a phone. It doesn't serve any purpose. I don't need Google to tell me what the weather is. I have widgets for that.
    The good lock app is the best app you van have. I love it. I can customize my Note 20 Ultra in any way I like it.

  3. Saki soy dominicano y tengo una pregunta para usted tengo un galaxy note 9 desbloqueado de fabrica y hasta ahora no he recibido actualización de seguridad la última fue el 1 de marzo y me gustaría saber si sabe algo si van a seguir dando soporte al galaxy note 9 por que no he recibido ninguna mas después del 1 de marzo gracias de ante mano

  4. Hi. I have a Samsung galaxy note 9 and I also have the good luck app, but I don't have the routine + app. Do you think that maybe they will also have the android 12 for the notes phone. Waiting on your answer.

  5. Hey I just watched your video and I'm getting a message when I hit my power key…It says " Google assistant not available on your device " I downloaded all the apps and followed your instructions fully. I have a Note 20 Ultra, I appreciate any help!

  6. My phone note 20 ultra unlocked (in USA) has yet to get Android 12 update and it still works with Android 11 guess they added feature before all phones updated to 12. Just FYI for you. And thank you for doing these videos they are so easy to follow did it no issues first try (love good lock one of Sammy's best app bundle(s) it may be one of the most useful apps period use it all time let's you customize without worrying about messaging things up worst case get stuck delete app and phone goes back to way was (may have default screen/lock screen)

  7. why sir u r repeating the same video u previously did with just a new title and recording…to increase clicking your website link …. sorry u could just make a text reference to the previous video…..

  8. Recently you put unnecessary update on phones on your website, When you can say Hey Google Why you need a push button to access that. That's stupid thing anybody if it do it.

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