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    Accidentally in Tech: How an introvert became a Cloud Advocate | C8


    Hi I'm Heather coming to you live from the hang out space in the hub and we're in swings folks for sure I am here with Sonia cuff, who is going to share her story about going from an introvert to a cloud advocate hello

    Sonia hi there, it's a great to be here in Orlando wonderful and I think we have a friend behind us who is that so well, spotted this is done day The Down Under Dinosaur He's one of the very few Microsoft ceramic dinosaurs, we've got around the place and Rob's actually going to session this week on how the dinosaurs came about and how we built a community around them to stick Yeah, there's a few dinosaurs in our community

    We've got thready We've got a few rexes around human humans in It has 1 as well so welcome welcome Dundee so you have many sessions people have seen you all day on the live stage talking about all kinds of things and so how many sessions do you have here at ignite? I have 3 stations tomorrow an one big one on Wednesday? Tell me how many people are coming At the moment I think we're looking at about 4000 people to come to a fun 90, which is Azure identity fundamentals

    We're going to talk a little bit about Azure Active Directory on Prem Active Directory, Microsoft accounts and kind of how they all fit together Wow, 4000, she said Wow, I have to say about that That's awesome No pressure whatsoever, so we're talking a little bit about your moving from introvert to cloud advocates so you're an introvert but you've been on stage

    You're speaking to 4000 people will you talk about that a little bit to everybody Yeah, I drew I'm still very much in Traverse Despite the public profile that I have and it's interesting because people think that an introverted somebody that hides behind their computer and they had the headphones on and they don't want to deal with the people And yet I get up on a stage and in the big rooms don't scare me But by the end of this conference

    I will be very drains and I will need my rest and I will not want to talk to any other human unless they are directly related to me I understand that completely anyway I think I'm a little bit of both so You know, I think the RuPaul said something about being an introvert masquerading as an extrovert so you would think that that person would be super introverted but is not right

    So do you find that with getting back to it or? What are the things you do to kind of renew yourself after a conference like this, but to start with I pace myself So I make sure that I don't go full capacity from day one all the time I make sure that I put in those rest periods as well and I think we need to get rid of the guilt about saying no to things there are A lot of opportunities, even outside of decisions to go and socialize with people and I have to be a little bit careful about what I'm saying yes and No2 and then I always make sure that after the long trip back to Australia There's a good couple of weekends in there where I have nothing planned at all 'cause

    They just need that time to re energize again Yeah, last year at ignite you did an amazing session and she had a session about burnout that had a Probably 1000 people in it, and it was so popular We talk a little bit about that session as well, leading into this one about being an introvert Yeah, site that is the hardest talk and the most rewarding talk I've ever given

    I still give it conferences at the moment, it's online if you want to try and find the recording and it kind of is a little bit of a catalyst I think it's a non to some of my introversion, but it's really reflective of everybody in our industry, having such a passion For what they do, we love our jobs and we tend to run onto them a bit too hard sometimes to our detriment? Absolutely you inspired me to talk a little bit about that as well so Thank you so much for that So yeah, do check that out, Sonia writes beautifully about all of these issues

    So let's talk about your Twitter handle so everybody knows where to catch you I'm sure they do already but where are you on Twitter? I'm really easy to find an Exxon yourself? And you have a really cool blog that I was looking up, and it's the IT opstalkcom will you tell everybody about that a little bit so my team here at Microsoft applied advocates we talk to it pros and sysadmins whether or not you're running workloads on Prem here in a hybrid scenario or whether you've gone fully to Azure and we talk about all those kind of Sysadmin EIT operations kind of concepts An icy obstalk

    com is what we came up with is our short link to be able to find all our latest and greatest articles about those kind of topics We very much focused on scenarios, and context and then tell you where you can find moreplaceslikedogsmicrosoftcom that's awesome And so, so you also was very involved with Microsoft ignite that tour last year, probably will be again, this year

    We talk a little bit about what you're doing on the tour learning path All that kind of good stuff, yeah, yeah, absolutely so that's kind of an extension of the way that we like to produce content It's about taking what you can do with a Microsoft platforms and wrapped them in this problem solving context If I'm a customer an I've got this Or I want to try and do that? How do I kind of string that together as a story in the learning parts are at tying those concepts together so they build on each other

    That's awesome and getting back to your introvert talk So what are some tips and tricks for introverts and maybe some even first timers that are here about meeting people and maybe how to approach others or you know all those good things that I know you're going to share in your session, but a couple of tips if you would And so one type in particular is to have a question in mind have an opening line introverts 19 till like small talk, we find these sort of networking situations A little bit awkward standing around a strangers talking about random things and so I have a couple of lines like what have you enjoyed today at the conference the most? What are you looking forward to seeing? What have you learned today that you're going to take back and do something within your organization So those kind of opening liners actually start a much more deep conversation than just how are you doing? Are you enjoying the conference? That's almost a closed question No, not an open ended question could you say fine and that then you're done right? Someone I don't know if it was with us but they were talking about making a circle instead of a you for those of you who aren't maybe so introverted bringing open your circle of people that you're standing around and making it a you to make it inviting for folks to jump into that

    If you heard that one, too, yeah, I've also heard that called the PAC man 'cause It really does look like the Pac-Man shape of leaving a gap in those circles that you're gathering over to make it inviting for someone to come and join you And also I I know I think introverts tend to be people who are also really good listeners You know, I think people hang back and listen well is that sort of something you find another introverts as well Yeah, absolutely and it's not that interface antisocial it's that we are selectively social so when we find a group of people who have got the same kind of interest that we have all we get on a topic that we're passionate about we can be the biggest talkers in the room

    Yeah, that's awesome And you are You doing, anything with the humans of its section this year I mean, I know that introverts is that your one session over there That's the one session, yeah, and where you at the pre day at all

    No, I wasn't I at, I cloud advocate life means that I had teamwork in rehearsals and all those 10 fun things that come with having a blue page that you get to do before the doors open to the public and the little origin story If you don't mind where are you from tell everybody about that? Well, yeah, well let's not talk about the rugby because I'm actually from New Zealand and my beloved or Blacks last but I've been living in Australia for the last 15 years and I'm going for citizenship that still doesn't mean I'm going to support the Wallabies Yeah, it's a long story fair enough fair enough I got to go to New Zealand and Australia This year, digital workplace conference and I learned about the term tall poppies will you talk about that a little bit all right? So to puppy syndrome is a thing where? We don't so much celebrate people that stand out and achieve great success

    An it's not really a thing If you're going around like sort of talking about how great you are, and how much success You've had there tends to be this thing I'm going I'll come on, we don't we don't really show off like that as a culture, which can make it hard to it to achieve but I think it's up to us to actually recognize and celebrate other people and what they do absolutely celebrate the underdogs an the winners so thank you so much for sharing all of that with us you're amazing My pleasure absolutely and now we're going to go back to the ignite live stage

    Thanks for all Hello and welcome

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