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aCAT Penang: A Tech Startup And Innovation Hub


We want to start a go-to place for the new kind of startups and the new enterprises and so we want to really provide the right environment to help them as early-entrepreneurs And this is a state initiative to try to nurture them and give them an ecosystem or an environment to thrive

I think for the next year we'll be focusing very much on training and developing potential startup founders, so that they can go beyond their current stages aCAT Penang has been really helpful to us It's a place where people could share ideas, challenge one another and hopefully come up with more innovations and innovative ideas for productisation aCAT Penang is far more beyond a coworking space It is about building a community that is really creating a positive impact to the society, to the community

aCAT is really focuses on the things that entrepreneur needs the most I think it's a really valuable thing to have a place like aCAT, where anyone who's from a tech background can basically come here and meet other techies or people who are creatives and associated to the tech industry One of the thing is they helped me into launching the food bank in Penang They provide the resources as well, and also the connections to real industrial player who can actually build your business up They are bringing all sorts of resources for you to learn and some of the resources are even free for you to check out

They can support you, help you to grow your business or even your interest in coding aCAT is very welcoming for anyone if you want to know about tech community in Penang, you want to know people around the startup scene and also the connection to passionate people, come to aCAT aCAT is the place

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