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ABS And Motorsports, What Do YOU Know About It? | Toyota AE86 [TECH NUGGET]


– When it comes to improving lap times, most people concentrate on adding more power, but a smarter place to focus your efforts, may actually be on improving your braking We're here at World Time Attack Challenge with Beau Yates' AE86

It's just gone through a full rebuild, making it into a Time Attack spec car And one of the aspect we're interested in, is the addition of a new Bosch Motorsport ABS system Now when most people think of ABS, they think of road car ABS Often that's pretty effective in a road car, but particularly when you heavily modify that road car and take it to the race track, all of a sudden it may not work quite as well One of the key reasons for this is when developing an OE road car ABS system, the aims of the manufacturers are quite different to what we need on a racetrack

The main aim with a road car ABS system is to provide good feel and low noise, vibration and harmonics back to the driver Beyond that, the ability to retain steering and stability is the next two key aims The last one of the manufacturer's list is actually improving braking performance For our aims at the racetrack though, we're actually flipping those priorities upside down Our key target, our key goal, is to improve the braking performance

And that's all about making sure that the wheels don't lock up Now a key consideration here is that we actually do want to achieve a small amount of slip from the tyre in order to achieve optimum grip under braking Depending on the tyre and the car, that slip rate may be somewhere in the region of around 5% to maybe 10% And this is what the Bosch Motorsport ABS system is designed to do It's targeted to achieve a consistent amount of slip from the tyres, but on top of this, there's also a 12 position switch that allows the driver to modify the braking effort, or the ABS effort, as he's driving around the track

This allows the driver to adjust the ABS effect based on the amount of grip available From a bright sunny day with high grip levels through to torrential rain The Bosch Motorsport ABS system is a full standalone system that can be incorporated in any existing car You can incorporate it with a race style pedal box with dual master cylinders, or into an OE style braking system with a single master cylinder with dual circuits Another important consideration with the Bosch ABS system is that it outputs data via CAN to your ECU or datalogger

This includes wheel speed, G force, and yaw among other aspects While the Bosch Motorsport ABS system is undoubtably a great addition to any race car, it is worth considering that it is still a pretty pricey addition That being said though, when we consider the total amount being spent on some of these top level competition cars, you can weigh up that cost, and the gains in lap time as well as stability may well be worth the money spent If you liked that video, make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you're not already a subscriber, make sure you're subscribed We release a new video every week

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