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A MELHOR BOX para a sua EMPRESA – 360 Tech Industry 2019 || Exponor [EN Subtitles]


Hello people, Robotics, Automation and Industrial Control Fair, Exponor, Porto, Portugal I will show some news of this year CNC Machines Monitoring Visit us systems4youpt dncbox

pt Machines List on each line you can see one cnc machine you can see the name of cnc programming that are in runing mode you can check the last time that dncbox received data from your cnc machine you can check the state of each cnc machine like stopped and running moments speed of feedrate historic of each day between stopped or running green color, running and yellow color is stopped mode historic tab, choose the cnc machine, this one for example choose the day and search on this example you can see that this machine have six hours running in your company you can check all stopped times and all running times like yellow and green tabs we have also one great functionality you can search all programs inside of your machine to see all costs of parts machining on each machine and finally you can export all costs to excel file!

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