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A Fios tech, family online safety, and football season. It’s the week in review.


Up to speed, week in review We started off the week tagging along with Latanya as she gave us a look into what her day is like as a Fios Tech in New York City

You can guess, traffic is a big part of that and she's done a little bit of it all in her 22 years Awesome job Latanya, and thanks for giving us a better understanding of what it takes to be part of our great technician team We're teaming up with Stephen Balkam of the Family Online Safety Institute for a cross-country tour Kate Jay and Andy Choi appeared with Stephen on local news programs to discuss resources for parents on safety and navigating life in the digital age Mix and Match quizmaster extraordinaire Rachel McMahon appeared on Verizon Media's BUILD Series this week, talking about her new book and working with Verizon on a new quiz to help customers find out which wireless Unlimited plans are best for them

I just looked at each different plan as a different personality and a different person and I just crafted the questions and the answers to that If you haven't taken the quiz yet, give it a try, the results may surprise you Next, a group of V Teamers came together in Detroit to clean up a local neighborhood, here's Paul with more: Our V Teamers in Detroit are making a statement through a very special volunteer project All to help beautify and revitalize the Motor City We've got groups from HR, from Network, from Retail, from the Business Markets group today

Again, really proud to be able to give back to this Life Remodeled program Our second year here Our team is removing refuse and overgrown brush from an area of the city that hasn't had the attention that it needs Over a hundred V Teamers are out here today making an impact in our local community For more on our volunteer efforts, check out our area social channels

The documentary 5B – presented by RYOT – is now available to stream on Fios 5B is the inspirational story of the nurses and caregivers who took extraordinary action to comfort, protect and care for the patients of the first HIV/AIDS ward in the United States at San Francisco General Hospital in 1983 Finally, we kicked off football month, highlighting rewards like tickets and meet and greets that Verizon Up members can look forward to during the upcoming season And Yahoo Sports is your place for NFL coverage all season long – livestream the games, and get all the help you need for your fantasy team I tell you what I sure could use a lot of help, thank you in advance Yahoo Sports

Well I don't have my fantasy team drafted yet, but Team Regner will be getting an addition in the next couple of weeks, so I will be sidelined for a while But I will be routing for the team from afar That'll do it for us this week, have a great weekend everyone, until next time, you're up to speed Congrats, miss ya

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