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7 Smartphone Photography HACKS & Tricks | Anaysa


let's go and click some expensive photos expensive!! i have an idea tell give me 200-200 rs but i have only 100 rs!! i don't have oh what's about your mom's saving oh i got exit along with money i got the idea let's go this is my idea so firstly i'll click the picture so sometimes because of expensive photos money got wasted along with photos are not so good that's why we will share some hacks & tricks in this video that you can click using your household products so fast hit 1,50,000 LIKES to video and SUBSCRIBE to channel i need an amazing candid picture for that a good face is required to click this type of photo you need a lemon slice or ice cube oh get lost from here my mirror will break after seeing your face not from my face but surely it will get break by seeing your jealousy i saw my face but your burnt hairs are not looking so good on you but the wrong with you type of peoples is that you purchase the things but don't know how to use it wait wait we need to do photo trick from this come i'll tell you so for this you just need to look into mirror give pose and click the photo it seems that this time you will surely capture today what happened? smoke is there now what will i do? you never take a bath at least send a good picture what will i do? my phone is worst and i don't have DSLR you should try B612 app in this DSLR effect is there and you work will get done in free what are you talking about? it is having this type of effect yes it has everything if you want your face thin, small, big, long etc you will get everything ok then click my photo fast and you can also do makeup in it also like contour, eyeshadow, blush and much more have it ready to post wow it means 1 hour work just in 1 minute, my life's mission in complete hi,hi jeetu do you have umbrella?no i don't have umbrella do you have umbrella?no i don't have umbrella do you have umbrella?No i sold it scrap dealer if you tease me so much i also sold you to scrap dealer why are you getting so angry? you told me to click pictures i'm do planning of that if you don't have i'm going pictures i'm having come for this just throw water on umbrella & click the picture see see your photo is clicked now click mine this is your umbrella so you can click your own picture do you have cards? baby card what card you want paytm card adhar card, debit card, credit card oh playing cards baby you started playing gambling?? see there maybe she have cards let's go and check why we are going inside? mad we will get cards inside so for this attach the cards and paste on rubber band oh i'm telling you hack and i'm not breaking it so for this first take a spectacle and spray water on it then clean it from middle then click and amazing photo so for this type of tricky photo you need a hat and some rose petals that's it throw hat in air like this and click picture

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