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5 Ways to Develop Tech Skills | TECHNICAL WRITER


A few weeks ago, I was invited as a guest on one of my favorite podcasts: 10-min Tech Comm 10-min Tech Comm The topic we discussed was how to be more technical We received excellent response to the podcast It made me realize that technical writers want more information about this topic

So today, I am sharing 5 ways in which I work on my tech skills The first way I learn new tech skills is by watching tech videos on YouTube I watch tech videos on YouTube with my morning coffee The videos can be either about a new technology that I heard my coworkers discussing, or about something specific that I am working on – like SQL stuff or cloud platforms The second way is to take online courses And my current favorite online course platform is SkillShare

I am obsessed with SkillShare It has an incredible range of classes, and the best part is – they are all project-based Which means that I not only learn tech skills, but I also learn how to apply them in practice You should definitely check out Skillshare I will leave a link to their free trial program in the description box below

The third way is in-person workshops I am lucky to live in a city that offers an abundance of tech workshops For example, last weekend, I attended an app design workshop by Girl Develop It If you live in a city that offers a lot of in-person workshops, you can check them out The fourth way I learn is by browsing the social media sites that the engineers prefer

Like Hacker News My coworkers prefer this site, and they talk about it quite frequently So browsing this site helps me understand the context of their discussions My fifth and favorite way of learning new technology is hanging out with my coworkers I am blessed to work at a company that values knowledge sharing And the engineers I work with are not only the smartest people I have ever met, but also they are very keen on helping others learn I use every opportunity to soak up their knowledge – like attending office hours or attending lunch and learns And if I don’t understand some part of the discussion, or I need more information, All I have to do is ask on our Slack channel and someone promptly responds

And that’s what it all comes down to – just ask Just show up And that’s my advice, especially for the younger generation of technical writers Just show up for yourself Everyday, do one little thing to learn a new technological skill Remember that our goal here is not to become the next best developer or the next best software engineer

All we want to do is become more slightly more comfortable with technology – one day at a time So those were my 5 ways of learning new technology I would love to know how you work on your tech skills Share your ways with us in the comments section below Don’t forget to like and share this video, And subscribe to my channel for more tech writing videos

I will see you next time Until then, happy writing!

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