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    5 Tools to Run Your Flooring Store Like a Tech Company


    – So today, we're going to talk about the five tools that tech companies use, that you can leverage in your flooring business (upbeat music) Hey guys, I'm Todd and I'm the CEO of Floorforce

    I spent the last 10 years in the tech industry, including working at Google and obviously at Floorforce Now the one thing I've learned from working in the tech industry is there are so many software tools that can help you succeed as a business by helping you increase your margins, scale your company and become more efficient So today we're going to talk about the five tools tech companies use that you can leverage in your flooring business So the first tool we're going to talk about is Slack Slack is an internal messaging system

    Think of it as an internal text messaging communication throughout your whole company Now there's some really great features in Slack The first one is that you can create groups Groups are basically different subjects that you can talk about internally So you can create a group about sales, you can create a group about installations, you can create a group about measures, even a group about promotions

    And what that'll do is you can keep all of your communications in one place about a certain topic so everyone can revert back Another great thing about Slack is you can direct message anyone as part of your community So you can direct message one of your installers, you can direct message your sales guy And really Slack is a great way to stay in communication internally, increase your efficiency and keep everyone in the know of what's going on So the next tool we're going to talk about is DocuSign

    DocuSign makes it really easy for you to sign digital contracts So instead of having to print out a contract, send it the customer or even fax it to them, DocuSign lets you email them a contract right to their inbox where they digitally sign it right away The next tool is Google Drive If currently using sticky notes, yellow pads or Microsoft Excel, I highly recommend checking out Google Drive Google Drive makes it really easy for you and your team to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and even slides if you want to put together a presentation for one of your customers

    It make sit so that you can access your documents everywhere and anyone on your team can have access to your documents There's never gonna be a time where someone at your company needs a document and you need to rush home, open up your computer and get that document and send it to them Google Drive makes it so that everyone has access to all documents and the best part of it is you control who has access to what So staying on the Google theme, the next one I want to talk about is Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is a 100% free video messaging platform

    It makes it really easy for you to do video messaging with your customers or the people you work with So imagine a customer calls in and they need a repair Well you can send them a video hangout link, they can actually show you the repair live on video 100% for free Or lets say one of your installers is out on the road and their trying to figure out which house it is, we can send them a video link and you guys can video chat right then and there So the last tool I want to talk about is grammarly

    Grammarly makes it easy to have perfect grammar with everything you write online Now I don't know about you guys but I definitely don't have an English major, you guys probably don't have an English major and grammar is the last thing we need to worry about when we're worried about selling more flooring increasing our margins With grammarly you can feel comfortable that every document that everyone sends from your company, whether it's a contract, a proposal, or measurement will have perfect grammar and will represent your company well So listen guys, these tools won't turn you into a Facebook, a Google, or even an Instagram over night but what it will do is it will give you a leg up over your competition This will help you increase efficiencies over everyone else in your industry and beat a lot of the big box stores

    Now if you have any other software that you use you think tech companies should be using reach out We'd love to hear from you (melodic music)

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