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    5 Motivos pra Comprar Smartphone Huawei P30 Pro


    Cell phone cameras are getting better! But this time, I want to show you 5 reasons to believe in the power of the Huawei P30 Pro And, of course, the first one is the Super Camera System

    This handset comes with 4 cameras That's right, people! 4 rear cameras! In addition to the front camera make perfect selfies, the main one has 40MP and captures incredible colors in any situation It also has the wide-angle lens, for a wider field of view, the camera's depth, and still a lens with a super zoom of 50x: it's amazing how it can achieve great distances to photograph By the way, have you thought about taking beautiful pictures of the moon without the need for professional cameras? Probably you should have tried but, look, with the P30 Pro, this mission will stay easier This is because it uses the benefits of artificial technology and Moon Mode features for a incredible result! Look what you can do! Pretty cool huh? Of course the device needs to be powerful to handle all this, right? And that brings us to the third good reason

    It is the super processor of Octa-Core that, with the 8GB of RAM, gives you a lot of peace of mind to have a device fast for a long time And speaking for a long time is what your phone will last away from the jack The battery has a capacity of four thousand two hundred milliamperes for you to do whatever you want during day and night without worry And if the screen size is important to you, the 6

    47 "display is also a great reason So there's no doubt about it! Now, just choose the color that suits you best! And if you want to see more videos like this, do not forget to sign up for my channel, huh?

    Source: Youtube

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