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5 Dampak Positif Dari Penggunaan Smartphone


Many people believe that there is a lot of mobile phone influence on student learning achievement Mobile itself or commonly referred to as this cell phone is certainly no stranger to school students

If in the past its use might only be limited to high school students and universities, nowadays many elementary students also have an Android cellphone It is undeniable that mobile phones do have a variety of benefits, not only for office people or other adults, but also for students However, along with the times, therefore I provide information about video discussion 5 Positive impact and use of Android smartphones that you should know about 1 browsing with gadgets With the technology of gadgets can actually support children's academics

A child can browse with a gadget, it will be easy to find information about the knowledge that he can at school So he does not need to bother searching the book catalog in the library to find information related to knowledge Some educators are aware of the progress of this technology in supporting children's education, by making a simple program or software that is used as a learning medium 2 As a navigator / gps tool With the existence of a smartphone, the user does not need to bother to look at the map, because the smartphone can be used as a navigator / gps tool

3 Facilitate communication For example when parents or family members will pick up children when they go home from school / finish doing activities outside the home 4 Add friendship in one of the features that exist in social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatssapp, Telegram which is a feature to add friendship so that users can find other friends using the same social media that he uses Even friends who have been separated / have not communicated for a long time can be reunited through social media assistance

5 Facilitate the work of the Kindness office specifically for those who really need a cellphone to access e-mail and other office applications This gives good to those who often work outside The ability of today's cellphones to access e-mail and other applications such as maps, words, excel, pdf, calendar, reminder and so on has also given us special facilities

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