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    5 Christmas Gadgets That Will Light Up Your Holiday Season | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll


    This is so fun, talk about gifts under $50 This is a Christmas tree on a car, and I'm not even kidding– Wait, this is for real? This is for real, my Mom drives on our car in Boston all around Boston, (audience laughs) and we get stopped everywhere, it is such a hit

    By the police or? (audience laughs) No, the police have stopped us, they love it too, true story The police have stopped you to tell you that they love Yeah, they're like, "Where'd you get that?" The tree And I have to show you the inside So this is how it gets connected There are 70 lights in there, and it gets connected via the cigarette lighter, so you just plug it in, and automatically those lights come to life

    I will let you know, you can collapse it down If anyone's worried about ruining their car, easy strap mounts and very high quality suction cups, so it will not do any damage to your car It's so easy to install, three and a half foot tree, it's just so fun That is adorable (audience applauds) It's adorable

    Yes So check this out, anyone who has those holiday parties, those festivities to go to You are not gonna light up your belly button! I am, I'm actually gonna turn on a fireplace (audience laughs) on my sweater (audience applauds) This is fun Leveling things up a little bit, it also has sound, 'cause it sounds like a fireplace too

    Shut up! Right? Very fun interactive sweater, there's a number of different designs, I like the logs place, you know, that's very memorable of Christmas time, and just so easy to use, insert your iPhone, you download the app, and it comes to life for under $75 That's your iPhone? Yeah, I just put my phone inside there, it's like a pocket It's like a cubby hole for your iPhone in your tum-tum (audience applauds) It's cute And there's a ton of different design options, there's a snow globe, there's Rudolph, his eyes go back and forth

    OF course there is So something for everyone And easy for those holiday parties, 'cause you know how there's always contest, you could win You could so win the sweater contest, like it's not even gonna be close (audience applauds) All right, next

    So we are like the Griswolds, as you can probably imagine, in our neighborhood Oh shocking And I always look for the latest in projection technology because I think that it's so easy to just flip a switch and your whole house can come to life So this is an easy option, this is brand new on the market, this is a SnowFlurry light show, under $50 and you actually get to see Oh look at that My sister's house, the snow, there's tons of different effects

    Whoa (audience applauds) And it can come in just white classic, you can light up multitude of colors, tons of different effects to pick from, and just easy again, you put this on the lawn, you can stake it down, and really easy to access option for big decor, easy option Okay, now if you wanna go big Okay, what's next? We're getting bigger and bigger She's just showing off, isn't she? (audience laughs) I love hunting down the latest Christmas gadgets, I mean you and I love I know, I know, you're an elf

    This time of year Ahh Another new one for this year, under $200, so go big or go home, eight and a half foot inflatable Santa but I like to say like this is the ice cream and you need a lot of toppings, because this isn't enough Projection technology also built in, we're gonna dim the lights and show you how this works, because five scenes come to life on the snow globe Wow

    And it also has sound, and you can cycle through the five different scenes or you can keep it on one scene Oh wow Now, and when it's completely dark, I have to tell you, it looks so vivid, and it's so bright< and it's just something unique I've never seen before, so I was excited to see this at the market That is so adorable, right? (audience applauds) Kids are gonna love that! I also really like, you can create your own scene and put it inside here, inside the SD card Did you hear that? You can make your own scene and put it in the snow globe

    So super fun Ooh Little kids are gonna pop off when they see that thing (audience laughs) You have to be very careful, you've gotta be there to hold there head on That's true, that is true

    That's amazing All right, you ready for the finale? Okay, go big or go home Okay, here we go This is really cool These are seven and a half foot synchronized trees, and what's unique about them is just larger than life, I mean we're talking about the Griswolds, this is the way to do it

    Right, right, right We are going to have a countdown, because I wanna show you these come to life, they also have programmed songs inside them from "Joy To The World" to "The First Noel" to "Jingle Bells" and well, seeing is believing, so three, two, one, shall we go for it? Okay, are you gonna, okay Three, two, one (holiday music) (audience applauds) Aw! Oh, that's so cute! This, I'm proud of this They make a statement, right? That is adorable! So, Katie, Katie, how much do these guys cost? Under $500, so it's a little pricey, but it is worth the investment

    They're made of steel< they'll hold through those crazy intense winters, and I have to tell you They're adorable! They just look so vivid and bright in the lawn It's so cute, these are all amazing Thank you, Katie Same to you

    You always do such a great job for us (audience cheers) (bells chime)

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