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4 effets au montage pour Vegas Pro : Faire disparaître un objet, smartphone, split screen … [Tuto]


hi to all and it's SebY1 Tuto PC I'm happy to meet you for a tutorial sony vegas pro and so I you proposes 4 tips to master on this video editing software and I start with tip number 1 which consists of removing a element on the screen a moving element or a fixed element in number 2 on will also look at how to recover a video that was filmed in the format portrait with the smartphone to then pass it in landscape format in order to spread it then on youtube social networks etc in number 3 we will also see how rotate a video that is not in a good way when you do the video montage then in number four how to put 2 videos side by side on Vegas Pro to compare them example a comparison between a console is another so I hope you are interested in these four tips i offers you with me to discover without to be more late and it's gone functionality that is really hyper important to master well so it's when you go in the crop of events on this little part the panoramic cannage of events it's then the management between the mask and the moving the video revealing basic I'm moving the video is there left to right in fact it's the top part of the chronology that's what I call the part of the top but I click here and I move if I click below on the masked part the go she is not not selected so I select it and there we can say for example I do not selects a piece so that the front part look to the right there is that the front part that appears you to reclick on top and there we move this part here for example here so to remove an object or character of a video for that there is no not 36 solutions will have to have a empty wallpaper without this character or without this object so either you already have this fund either you do not have it and so you will do like me for that I so makes copies of so of captures the video to several parts with the provided capture tool windows 10 and then you went through the game video montage I use for myself paint

net which is a free tool and so as you go see him right now on the picture I'm erasing as and when character here is simply with copying copy of part where the character is not available is not here that I'm going to insert on an image so type after that by a system of layers you will be able to erase the little pieces that goes past you go power as you improve your image like on the way doing it on the screen do not do not hesitate to use the zoom make copy paste blur edges that are a little too visible with the effects of Gaussian blur then you just have the editing tool so sony vegas case superimpose the two so the two stills or the video with the still image in wallpaper without the character is so this overlay will create the effect all simply two disappearances naturally so the stage the solution number one bis is a solution a little more complicated is also you have copied pasted so your video you will put one above from the other and the top part to do you will use it yourself at use the mask and so you go to each time selected that the character in the mask all the rest will be cleared and so you're going to have to whenever the character is so on the time scale low you go cut as they go move so for each time do not select that this character has to be the most accurate possible to have the cleanest effect possible so of course depending on the time you have so you see how wanted to do you see I'm showing you right now how did I do so I tried to be fairly accurate anyway so school feet exceed hop on moves the frame you adapt it so neither too much big nor too small you try to make sure you never see the character here are you going to cut now the part where you make them disappear the character but I took this part there and this part there we go apply a blur video effect Gaussian so that's what I'm going to do we will select the Gaussian blur that will allow you to apply the crazy only so on the frame so only on the character and that's the effect is quite interesting and you will vary the facts as you go measure of the video so you go cut is there at the beginning we take an effect pretty weak you'll cut the picture pressing s here and you go sting an effect a little more important this time I'm using the horizontal blur and one cuts again one time and we will still apply a blur a little more important and just in time it almost feels like character disappears just with the blur then we'll get you back the image the empty fund in fact and so you go again superimpose them and you go see an effect maybe a little more progressive so we look at the facts number one so the simple fact of tip number one so that's the video without the disappearing now we'll see the just disappearing here is by superimposing the two pictures and now the trick number one bis with blur see on apply a blur elop that disappears so it allows to have a style enough different now the tip number of the video of smartphones that you did in mode portrait is not very diffusable on social networks so why is that what are you going to do you will create an image in 1920 1080 for example in 16/9 you inserted you put it of course underneath in sony vegas you go to your video settings smartphones and yes she is upside down 1080 by 1920 and actually it's rather 1920 by 1080 so you change the aspect ratio height and that's it you so one serves in a picture a lot bigger in 16/9 and wake them white parties offered erase them which you are going to copy paste from your smartphone video me I delete the audio part since there is not we go there superimposed by putting it in so above for wise inserts tracks audio had video tracks excuse me so we put the part on top and so you will again apply a blur Gaussian in this image so here we are going to apply the blur gaussian of course the picture will not be full screen since it was only a picture again in portrait mode yes and now we will make sure that take the whole screen for that you at the crop here you have framed that part of the picture so we'll take the part central and you go so here's the put inside the picture your amateur picture frame what will fill naturally the frame is the result after editing here it is much more presentable for a broadcast on facebook or on youtube for example so we will now go to the trick number 3 which is to rotate a video on sony the gastro so we go watch this together you go all simply in panning cropping of events yes the image is upside down yet I had filmed it in format landscape we're going to right click them to match the output format you see that it's not quite adapted to the image so we will do rotate all that so there for now I make room a little bit for can compare you put the mouse left click outside and yes you have the small size to rotate we rotate for that to the horizontal right and so that so the frame so on the left side be so completely covers the phone that's what I'm doing right now and that so lets fix small bugs especially when shooting with his smartphone times sony vegas do not does not recognize the format of the image and so get it wrong and so see we have everything to makes a format so perfectly now usable tip number 4 so the comparison of two videos of two images that will be superimposed one to next to each other so for that first we will take the first video here we are going to go in the event cropping we go next select masks and so we go selected only part of the image ideally it would be half here at roughly the horizontal image or vertical in everyone's station so it's on the lower part of the timeline and then in the pau part you do move the image to the frame and finally to frame it as far left as possible to make way for the video that you put right for example so then we will copy or paste then you are going to cut another video here you want to compare by example an xbox video and a ps4 video I give you an example so I delete the audio part because he does not need and that's it this part there we will do the same thing we will go so in the game cropping mask but this time we will select a part again only of the image so in the part mask so in the bottom part of the chronological scale and then in up so we're going to move the image is so rather to the right so that's what I do currently and once these moved to the right you will be able to so by putting the two videos together runs simultaneously then you can create text media like I you advises besides to do it a first media text that we will put on the left side and a second medium text that will be put on the right side is there to say for example before after for example that's what I'm going to do so here I'm going to shoot them for them do all the video then we go insert an audio track again video track I have copy paste a by the way fart copy paste we go change the front by the after we go maybe change the color you can m you can do outlines can add a lot of things in terms of texts on sony vegas is rather performing even shadows so we go stretch to make it the same size obviously for this to be pretty clean then you can create a small separation on your editing software favorite me I use a new point is a transparent image with a line black here in 1920 1080 for example and then we will go shoot again and then we'll go the same way we'll crop the event here we will click on this button there and then we go move to go on the part where the separation is done to hide it for make it cleaner yes it's much more fun and so we at the front part after that we put some full yes it's a lot nicer and so you can compare two images look together at the result of this comparative that's it the video is over I hope how pleased she was that she answered your questions do not hesitate to use the comments of the video precisely if you never have all the answers that you expected did not hesitate either view the description of the video if there is still information extra and then I wish you of 4 and a very good day I tell you see you soon for an upcoming video by then wear well ciao ciao A like and a blue thumb and you're too nice;) Seby1 Tuto PC Bye 😉

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