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3 Tips To Shoot Great Video Using Smartphone


You have been using smartphone to record your videos and want to level up your videography game? In this video I'm going to share with you three tips to shoot awesome looking videos like a pro using your smartphones Hey guys, what's up, welcome back to my youtube channel I am Renee Ismail and I'm a corporate video specialist at peachypixx

com I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs through videography and I believe that creating videos can be simple and easy Make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap on the notification down so you won't miss any of my future videos Lots of people are using their smartphones these days to shoot videos While the quality of recording videos using smartphones have improved over the years, there are certain things you can still do to ensure you produce the best quality of videos So let's get string into it! Tip number one: start with the right settings Before shooting a video be sure to set it out properly first I am using an iPhone 10 This is how you check your settings But of course if you are using other phones like Android phones, the settings would be probably in the camera settings itself

One important setting is your video resolution Two of the common resolutions are the 1080 HD and 4k Next check the frame rate which sets how many individual frames per second FPS your video records Common settings are 30 fps 60 fps and less common is 24 fps The higher the number the Smoother looking video you produce and the better It will be to slowing down your video during post for slow-motion effect When it comes to resolution is always going to be a compromise between your storage capacity on your phone and the quality Resolution you want Personally I try to shoot 4k whenever possible Tip number 2 good lighting is critical

proper lighting has a huge impact on your smartphone cameras because they have smaller lenses and Sensors Try as much as possible to shoot your video in brightly lit areas I personally recommend to get basic lighting like LED lights or ring light this way you will have consistent lighting when you start shooting, however If budget is a concern make full use of natural light as much as possible tip number three Improve your audio too good quality audio is essential for a great video the built-in microphones in most smartphones isn't always the best and it is very common to catch wind and noise that will drown out important audio while shooting a video I recommend you to invest in an external microphone or a Recording device that will work with your smartphone Let me share with you What I have rode videomic that I have for the longest time is compatible to my professional camera To convert this so that it can be compatible to my phone I need to have TRS which is the two lines and Trrs, which is the tree lines cable because I'm using an iPhone 10, which doesn't have a 35 mm audio Jack, I also need the lightning to headphone jack adapter

So to connect this rode videomicro to my smartphone I'll have to connect the TRS which is the two lines to the microphone and Trrs, which is the three lines to the headphone jack then the Lightning to my phone to test whether the microphone is connected Go to your voice memo and do a mic test tap on the microphone and if there's wavelength coming in while tapping This means if your microphone is already connected to your phone So if you do have an existing microphone There is only compatible to your camera and you want to make it compatible to your smartphone You can try this hack There you have it three tips on how to shoot great video using your smart phone Of course There are other tips like making sure you lock focus and exposure On your smart phone and the most obvious of all is to make sure you clean the lens before you start shooting Have you been shooting videos using your smart phones share with me your tips in the comment section below Thank you guys for being here with me If you find this beneficial give this video a thumbs up and share it with your friends remember to subscribe to my youtube channel And I see you again next week Bye guys

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