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    16ème Rencontre Européenne de Ferronnerie d’Art a ARLES sur TECH


    16th Forging Meeting at Arles sur Tech My name is Bruno Vidal, I am the president of the association of blacksmith shop We organize this fair every two years And this year we have blacksmiths, Belgians, Russians, Ukrainians, Catalans, English, Spaniards We really have all the nations that have come to forge two projects, a project by Roman Robanoski for Ukraine and a project by Luc Van de Kassel for Belgium And to the same fear the other forgers, who are 260 They have come to forge the sculpture that is in the square of the town And it's called "High tech" They have done a work, free to choose, which they are doing together in the square right now We do not speak the same language, but we all understand each other with a hammer and the tools we use The important thing is to share our passion for creating timeless works

    For pleasure! We hope to continue over the years! If health allows us! because as you have seen in the "carreau" of the Arles mine We carry more than 30 tonnes of material We are not from here, we are towns of Catalonia to the south, next to Perpignan And it really is still a very cumbersome thing to organize, since we are not specialists in event organizations I'm a blacksmith and I come here for twenty years I do not remember anymore, but when we like it, I do not know it, I do not know it Here we are making a small project between us and we are following it two years ago

    A dragon we made the head, now we do the limbs, the front and back legs, and maybe we will finish it in two years now From the moment I participated in the meetings, I noticed that the fraternity between blacksmiths is always constant in any place where we can go and in any country! I think the meeting in Arles It is an indispensable encounter There may be equivalents, but you can not miss it! The village of Arles is a small town, we are not a big city! But we help financially the association, the county council and this year after two years the PYRFER project has been assembled And with PYRFER, linguistic diversity has been promoted at the fair It has allowed the Ukrainians, the Belgians, the English Because financial help is very important to us! It is the PYRFER project which will give greater importance to this fair! All the people who come help us voluntarily, in particular all the forgers And every two years they do a work, a sculpture That is going around the Canigó They worked a fortnight of blacksmiths for 3 days! And they are the best workers in France, Europe

    So I would like to thank all those blacksmiths from all over Europe Demonstrations of this type are not many and many thanks to everyone! It is a great pleasure for us (Ukrainians) to be here! Thank you so much! Applaud your team because it's a great job! The Catalan blacksmiths thank you to the city council of Arles sur Tech first to the Departmental Council that helps us a lot! The shops, artisans of Arles sur Tech

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