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    #124 Tenir son Smartphone


    Hello photographers, hello, and welcome to this new tutorial! One of the most used cameras is, by far, the Smartphone Yet, observing the people who use this device, I'm always surprised how they hold it, which does not offer, from my point of view, any guarantee for avoid camera shake, or worse, the fall of the camera

    I would like to share with you how I use it But only right after that! Most of the time, what determines the holding of a smartphone in photo mode is the trigger button at the bottom of the device In vertical format, this poses no particular problem: we naturally hold the device firmly in one hand, while the other is used for setting and triggering But things get complicated in horizontal format First of all, in order to avoid putting your fingers in front of the lens, the outfit must on the opposite side: lens on the right, camera held on the left for the right-handed and the opposite for left-handed people

    But if I hold the camera like that, I hide part of the image, functions and the trigger with my hand Regarding the trigger, it should be noted that like the volume buttons, those of the device or those of the headphones, can serve as a trigger, the access to the dedicated button is not absolutely necessary But this assumes that the volume buttons are on the top edge Remains that with one hand in front of the camera, part of the screen remains hidden So there is no alternative but to hold the device with your hand on the side

    But beware: I can not put my thumb on the screen, otherwise, I may press accidentally on functions or on the sticker, which I do not want That's why I hold my device this way: my thumb is on the edge upper, my little finger under the lower edge: these two fingers form a kind of solid pincer, and the apparatus is supported on the three fingers on his back So, my camera is perfectly maintained and I will not interfere with the shooting And my right hand remains perfectly free, either to make adjustments or to trigger with the dedicated trigger or with the volume buttons, still, we do not think about it enough, to indicate, thanks to gestures, to people where to place And if the lighting conditions are a bit limited, it allows me to stabilize the camera, using my arm as a tripod, putting it somewhere, for example

    That's it that's all ! This tutorial is over, and I hope he will help you If you have another technique of keeping your smartphone camera, especially with a wallet case for which my technique does not work at all, feel free to share it with our community in the comments of this video ! I wish you good photos and tell you next week for a new tutorial !

    Source: Youtube

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