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    10 tech predictions for 2020 – Introduction


    Hi and welcome to the Charlie Tango studio 2019 has come to an end

    And we are entering not just a new year but a new decade – the 2020s I think it's gonna be the craziest period ever seen from a tech point of view At least if the development keeps happening at the same pace as we've seen for the last decades Like earlier years I've collected what I personally think will be the 10 most interesting digital topics for the year to come And over the next weeks I will each day cover a new theme and launch it as a video

    And we're going to talk about some pretty interesting stuff like cryptocurrency, quantum computing, additive manufacturing and gene editing But I'm also going to talk about topics like trust and digital sustainability Because I believe that in many ways we have arrived at a crossroad Where the next 10 years will show us whether we manage to take care of the one planet we have and whether we will be able to develop technology in an ethical way, so it supports a world we actually want to live in And finally, whether we will be able to keep control over artificial intelligence and the gene editing powers that we are implementing and experimenting with right now

    These themes are among my predictions for what will be on top of our digital and tech agenda for 2020 I hope you will tune in and follow my series of videos with the 10 most important digital trends for 2020 We'll start tomorrow so hope I'll see you there

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