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    10 tech predictions for 2020 – #7 The dawn for drone delivery


    This little fella is the new Mavic Mini from DJI It weighs less than 250 grams, you can fly more than four kilometres away and it can carry its own weight when flying

    And you guessed it – today I'm gonna talk about drones Not consumer drones like these ones but drone delivery Because packages delivered to us by drones are one of these crazy tech ideas that we've been entertaining ourselves with for several years, and now suddenly it seems to have become a reality And why do I claim that? Well, first of all – UPS the American company called United Parcel Service, they recently got a nationwide FAA approval for drone delivery across the US They're already delivering medicine but now they are looking to expand the service

    And there's a group of eager competitors breathing down their neck Amazon with its prime air delivery service are reported to start commercial delivery in the beginning of 2020 And Uber has said that they will start up in San Diego with their Uber Eats drone delivery service, and they have a brand new drone design that looks pretty funky And you have Google Alphabet, they have a company called Wing, and they recently teamed up with FedEx for quite a serious alliance, and began delivering products – the first place is in Christiansburg, Virginia We see a lot of other countries that are pursuing this as well

    In Canada they have a company called Drone Delivery Canada, they have been doing test flights since 2017 and they're entering commercialization as we speak In China there are several companies – one of them is Antworks, they have recently gotten an approval and a business license from something called the Civil Aviation Administration of China to operate commercial drone delivery in urban areas And then you have JDcom, which is the equivalent of Amazon in China They have been doing unmanned drone delivery tests in countries like Indonesia and Japan and of course in China as well

    Will we see this happen in Denmark in 2020? Probably not However we are seeing the first test project – called project Hellström They are right now doing test flights with patient samples between hospital units at Funen But that's pretty much it However, I predict that across the world this kind of last mile delivery will shift from somewhat of a rarity to an everyday phenomena in 2020 in a lot of places

    So look out for this next time you're traveling

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