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    10 tech predictions for 2020 – #6 Generative design


    In my last video I talked about Additive Manufacturing but there is actually a sister technology to AM and that is Computational Design or Generative Design as we also call it And that is the ability to have computers to sign the end product for you through the use of AI based on your specifications or requirements that you want to achieve

    It could be lighter weight, a specific specific manufacturing methodology, lower cost, special dimensions or a special form factor And at the same speed as we humans can generate one idea – the computer will be able to test thousands of scenarios and and actually bring forward a set of possibilities that comes very close to what you asked for together with the necessary data to prove it This introduces a dramatic paradigm shift in design – away from the more traditional craftsmanship and towards a new rule for the designers acting more as kind of like either a conductor framing a challenge or a curator choosing between the different solutions generated by the algorithm And the reason this is becoming relevant now, is because the solutions that are compiled by the algorithm would be almost impossible to produce if it was not for the development within 3D printing Because the end products they look very little like something a human with design and comes much closer to the design we find in nature like in a silkworm cocoon for example or in bone structures

    And it has also only recently been possible due to the development in computer power to work with Generative Design because it is very computer-heavy to do this stuff We see companies like Airbus now using Generative Design to create stronger and lighter airplanes, we see Callaway using the technique to produce a best golf driver yet Under Armour and adidas uses the technology to create better shock absorbing running shoes And we see it within architecture for example the new Shendu Museum of Natural History in China has been made with the aid of Generative Design So what's next? Well, we see a lot of technological breakthroughs in this area right now and it's definitely an area that is moving quite fast forward driven by companies like Autodesk, Siemens and also at air

    There will always be a need to optimize your products – this technology and this methodology allows you to make lightweight products, it can make you stronger products and also products with fewer parts And actually also just to do general performance improvements and that is why I think this is really really relevant And if you then combine this with an increased focus on sustainability, I think we have the formula that will drive this area forward I predict that we will see a host of great commercial solutions made by Generative Design and brought into the market in 2020

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