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10 Tanaman Untuk Pemula Aquascape | Low Tech Planted


Assalamualaikum Wr Wb Meet again at the Aquamatic Scaper channel

On this occasion I will discuss easy plants for aquascape beginners Aquascape is a type of plant that is often placed in an aquarium Aquascape plants not only function as decoration, but are often used as a place to live fish and shrimp Fish and shrimp in acurium are very fond of hiding among plants in the aquarium Therefore, placing aquascape plants in an aquarium is very important

Laying or determining the position of each type of aquascape plant also needs to be known for beginners That is so the plants grow well and their aesthetic values are visible The type of aquascape plant is basically divided into 3 parts The first is Foreground Foreground plants are plants that are planted on the front in an aquarium or aquascape, and for this type of carpet plants are good The second is Midground Midground plants or middle ground in aquascape means middle plants, or plants placed in the middle of the aquarium

Then the third Background Is a back plant in an aquarium or aquascape Well, for beginners you should maintain an aquascape plant that has easy maintenance Here are some types of aquascape plants that are suitable for beginners The first is Java Moss Java Moss usually grows on driftwood or rocks

You could say that Java Moss is an aquascape plant around us that is easily obtained Java Moss does not require extra maintenance This plant can grow in water at a temperature of 21-32 degrees Celsius, but the most appropriate temperature is 21-24 degrees Celsius Java Moss can live in all types of lighting Low, medium or high

The second is the Formatted Hygrophila Plant which is also known as Wisteria Water This plant can grow quickly, maintenance is easy This plant can survive in water temperatures of 23-28 degrees Celsius In addition, this plant only requires moderate lighting The third is Dwarf Baby Tears This plant is often used for aquarium carpets This plant is also a favorite for aquascape fans

The care of this plant is fairly easy when compared to Cuba Temperature that is suitable for aquscape carpet plants, ranging from 22-23 degrees Celsius The nature of this plant is to grow in the direction of light So when Dwarf Baby Tears gets less lighting, then this plant will grow upward trying to find a light source Then the fourth is Amazon Sword Named the Amazon Sword because of the shape of the leaves on this one aquascape plant, looks like a sword

Amazon Sword is a type of aquascape plant that is often used as an aquarium background This plant can survive in the water with a temperature of 22-28 degrees Celsius Then the fifth is Lilaeopsis It looks like the grass you usually see around us However, Lilaeopsis can grow as high as 5 cm, and spread quickly at the bottom of the aquarium Use moderate lighting to stimulate Lilaeopsis growth

Water with a temperature of 23-29 degrees Celsius The sixth is Anubias Nana Anubias Nana is a suitable choice This plant can grow up to 15 cm high No need to take special care of Anubias Nana Just like Amazon Sword, this plant can survive in water at a temperature of 22-28 degrees Celsius

The seventh is Pteropus Microscope Another name for this plant is Java Fern Because it is easy to grow and does not require extreme care, Java Fern is highly recommended for beginners Although the maintenance is easy, this plant is also collected by old Aquascape players This is because Java Fern has a very attractive shape and appearance

To maintain this plant, you must place it in water with a temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius Amazingly, Java Fern can live with minimal lighting The eighth is Bacopa SP Colorata It is not known exactly the origin of this one aquascape plant However, the plant known as the Bacopa Pink can decorate the middle spot in your aquarium

But for this plant you need light and carbon dioxide with moderate intensity The leaves of this plant are slightly reddish in color The ninth is Cryptocoryne Beckettii Petchii This is an ornamental plant that has been used for years by owners of ornamental aquariums in Indonesia Besides that, it doesn't need too much lighting

However, this plant can grow better And the last one is Pogostemon Stellata It is an aquascape plant that has purplish red leaves This plant will beautify your aquarium Plants that are usually used as this background come from Asia and Australia

Unfortunately, to maintain this plant requires considerable lighting and carbon dioxide Well, so that was a variety of aquascape plants that were very suitable for beginners, because it does not require complex maintenance and large capital Please decorate as beautifully as possible so that your aquarium looks like a natural sight Hopefully useful for those of you who want to start trying to place aquascape plants, to enhance the appearance of the aquarium First of all the video this time, if there are questions write in the comments column

Likes if this video according to you attracts and shares it to your friends if this video is useful for those who want to start Aquascape Subscribe to this channel so that I continue to be passionate about creating content about the world of Aquascape Thank you, Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb

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