do you have these kind of problems when you want to text someone so badly but you don't know how to answer or reply to the first questions of a conversation if so then you have come to the right place Hello and welcome you're watching BAG OF CRISPS so if you're having these kind of problems where you don't know how to reply a certain question such as what are you doing, what's up and whatcha'doin these kind of questions may be so tricky to reply and may make the person so embarrassed so if you want to answer them and if you want to reply them and make an open conversation you've come to the right place sit still open your bag of crisps and enjoy it with me here's that anyways how to reply someone or asks you what's up or what are you doing the first one we have here is so simple you can simply say I'm so bored ! wanna go on an adventure ? so when you say 'wanna go on adventure' you are giving more chances to the receiver to ask more questions this is a great and effective way to give both of you chances to open up a conversation and to ask more questions in order to get to the point so for example when you say wanna go on an adventure the receiver may say what type of adventures would you like and you can ask more questions about that this is an effective way to continue the conversation and to talk more and more instead of the boring nothing much the second one we have here is so simple as well you can say Honestly, I wasn’t feeling good Well, not until you spoke to me so what are we doing here we are replying the question okay but you are replying by being honest which is nice and you are also complimenting her which is sweet and girls loves with sweet stuff but be careful because some girls do not like to be complimented so be careful with this one let's move to the third one the third reply is so sweet and so flirty and I'm so sure that girls would love to hear it you can say just what I needed to hear your voice but be careful you can only reply with this phrase if she asks you in person or if she sends you a voice messages you cannot reply with this phrase if she sends you like a normal text message this is something that you can appreciate by telling how much you like her voice how much her voice is so sweet and this can make a conversation so long make you talk a lot more than just end the conversation with that nothing much one of the best replies we can find I've been alone for some time ! care to keep me company for a while ? this is a great reply because it makes you share your situation with you and even asking for the company is a positive thing but you have to be careful of what we call the FRIEND ZONE because if you're talking to someone well let's see you are probably talking with your crush and you're probably not looking for that so be careful of failing in their friend zone thing if you want your girl to blush then this one is for you you can easily say Nice try! Now could you please empty your pocket ?I'm definitely sure you just stole my heart well this one is like the sweetest reply you can say it's full of heat it's full of juiciness and it also make your girl feel valuable and you can also make you guys like talk about stuff you were not expecting to talk about if you know what I mean so if you're a funny person then this one is for you you can easily say why what did you hear ? this one is so cheeky but it's so cool it can turn the conversation upside down because if that person that asked you the question is probably expecting that regular answer of nothing much or just lying in bed and you say it why what did you hear it can turn the conversation upside down from the boring modes to hell funny conversation another positive reply you can say the opposite of down this is a great reply for people who are always motivated it's very enthusiastic and it's very determined because you really want to do something it shows the strong and the desire to do well or even succeed in some pursuits and people in general loves motivated persons they always love to hear about motivated persons they always love to hear their advices and to talk to them and motivate yourself and to be just simple and funny but caring as well you can say I'm sure you have that on your screen so what this means it basically means that you are online at that moment texting them this is a great way to make them see or think that they're worth your time and they are enjoying a conversation with you while you are giving them attention let's see you are just interested in listening to them and you just want your girl to talk and you want to listen to her you can go with this one it's easy it's simple and its effects if you can say that's for me to know and for you to find out when you say for you to find out she'll get curious so she might start asking question and that is the whole point from this reply my last and my favorite one I really love this one you can easily say I guess I'm socially programmed to say nothing much okay okay we all know that we are trying to avoid saying nothing much and the whole point of this video is to not say nothing much but this is way better and way funnier than 'nothing much' it is I guess I'm socially programmed and believe me guys this socially programmed thing can make your partner or the other girl that you are talking to or the other boy that you are talking to ask a lot of questions in the conversation for example why are you talking about social media are you addicted to social media are you in any other social media

it makes the conversation goes in another way but it makes it longer it makes it funnier it makes it even weirder sometimes but the whole point is to not say nothing much but to be creative we are all trying to be creative here next time someones ask you whats'up hit them with one of these responses goodbye

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