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I have a problem, I may have phone addiction Every morning when I wake up the first thing in my mind is to pick up the phone And when I do a poo, I watch youtube videos! When I eat breakfast I watch videos again When I'm out shopping I look at the youtube statistics in And this is bad

I use my cellphone as an escape route for anxiety Last week I promised that I would live without my cellphone for a week! With a phone that doesn't have internet, whatsapp, instagram, youtube Or any kind of applications anyway! You can just call and chat with this phone! Is this a bad idea? Because I have companies to look after And I can get an email anytime I need to reply as quickly as possible And there is no email on this phone

I have no idea how this week will go, but I kikseissä! Is this going well or bad ? Let's find out! *Dog's barking sound* Now Onni says, '' eieieiei '' Good luck you have to wish me luck! Congratulations Jarno !! One week without a smartphone First day went wrong I tricked I was in a hurry to go with my son to watch a hockey match And then I remembered what about the tickets? Tickets were in my email! I didn't have time to print them

so I cheated I showed you tickets from the email so we could get in And then I cheated again !! We had such fun playing with the boy that I wanted to shoot something! I wanted to take a video and a picture So I cheated that day I just want to be honest its not easy to leave the phone because your whole life is there !! What happened? Sometimes I have problems with this opening What do you think about Onni's phone? Is it good? This switch doesn't work

And Nikita promised to come fix it! It would be easy for a smartphone to take a picture of this and see the dimensions, but when it's not there Camera! I need to get a picture of this Uh, it was even possible to take a picture! Today is Monday, yesterday was Sunday and yesterday was a family day! Yesterday was much better! It was easy! Because I was with my family and I felt more devoted! I just spent a good time! Had no problems yesterday! Which is a good thing! But the test will start properly from today Because today my job starts One minus of this cell phone is that it doesn't have

Maybe it's not bluetooth !! So maybe I can even okay, give this a try! There it is! Hi Hi! Mr Amsterdam! Yes it's me! Nikita was in Amsterdam for the weekend

How were you? I can't tell the camera how it went Have you seen my new phone yet? I'm not! Show me! Ooo, this is cool! What is it like? Yes Jesus! Fortunately, you can still pay for your food in cash or by bank card And don't have to use your phone for that yet

Sorry I wasn't on Mickey here, but I remember talking to Nikita Nikita, here's a picture of a broken light switch Can you fix it? Absolutely! Can we go buy it now? Of course! Jes! Found! Everything is under control! I need a smartphone for all this! Everything is under control, but who controls who? Is it you or your smartphone? Let's start the battle! Freedom! VAPAUUUS! Light Switches: Purchased! I should know this number Looks like Anssi's number Wow, Himputti! I pressed red You are not used to the phone yet

It's hard to answer the phone! It's calling Saturday when I released the video I used my computer to see statistics

Are you crazy! I'm so I do not know what but I'm very, very, from you! Really disappointed? Yes, disappointed But now tell me the numbers! Now your video has over 16,000 views

Any kind of persistence okay viewer persistence is 33% It's pretty bad really I edited this video and the first thing Nikita said about it was that

It was a bit boring It was really boring actually How Much Money Did You Get? Wooo! $ 21! 21! Pretty tough! Eiksni Can you believe what just happened ?? My phone has bluetooth !! And I was able to send this photo to Nikita! It's actually pretty accurate !! Yep for this phone I do have the feeling that I'm staying somewhere except

When everyone else is using their smartphone Am I missing something? And now, when I am different I wonder that if this is okay? Is it okay to be a little weird? And I think that's okay! Indeed, I had all my life more different, than the other Um, I have a problem

I don't have a navigator on this phone I have to get my lawnmower it was in repair And I don't know how to drive from here! Nikitaplease help me! Ohh yes i can help you With my Smartphone for

Look at that motherfucker! If I want to continue this experiment I need to figure out how to navigate You know you can buy a navigator for a car So I have to buy a navigator It's something you don't want to do at all! When you are used to something as free as google maps on your phone It's something you don't want to do when you're used to something free Do you think you can fix it? easily! Nikita fixed the lights! It would be a new day again! Even with this

Our production company: Rabbit Films What is that phone !? You probably don't have whatsapp? For some reason I don't have whatsap on my phone Do you believe this experiment will succeed? No salee I had a plan to fly my drone, but here's the problem I need my smartphone to fly my drone If you want to drive like this

You can't do it with this Here's what's slipping into the fifth day: Must say today is a difficult day I'm starting to have trouble living without a smartphone I don't have google maps So I need to print Maps when I go to meetings This is my calendar

I can't reply to emails This is really hard to do my job With such a phone It feels like I'm going crazy !! We also do Instagram stories Mass to chat with my friends on whatsap

This is harder than I thought Day 6, the second to last day Good morning! The big plus of this phone has been that When I wake up I can't look at my email, weather, youtube numbers I can't surf the net! I have surrendered aamuilleni and enjoyed them a lot more! That looks cold The lid is frozen

I can't open it! This moment always feels like I don't want to do this! But then I remember how good it feels after all It's as cold as ever! What a feeling! wohoo I'm ready for this day I want to be honest with you Miss my old phone over a lot! The first 3-4 days I was on this phone I felt I had more freedom because I didn't have to be on social media

I did not read whatsapp messages and therefore did not need to reply to anyone But now it feels awkward! Fucking whatsapp !! Fucking those people and friends! And texting on this cellphone It's so slow !! Right now I'm trying to text my wife And if I want the letter 'C' I have to press number two three times! We are used to good phones

But here it was 20 years ago And no one complained about it it was cool! Smartphones have made our lives easier! Many of us are addicted to those devices, but They also make our lives easier! Now when I go to see a movie with my wife This is our flag !! This is the flag The last day! Are you ready for the conclusion? Did this or not, and how I think the whole

All morning? Oh, well! Are you ready to hear how this changed my life Or did it change at all? This is day 7 and I need to stop this experiment now to finish this video for you! Okay, well then bad And then how it changed my life or did it change The best part was that this was such a bad phone! That I didn't want to use it at all! So I was much more devoted! billions of euros have been invested in the development of these devices

And billions of euros have been spent on building applications! And the only purpose of these applications is that People would use them as much as possible So of course they are addictive! This is the most addictive thing ever !! Now I understand you and myself much better Because I didn't want to use this phone at all ! And that means I was living more! I didn't have a toy in my pocket with emails etc Really in many instant I surrendered more

And we all know the kind of pictures of a group of people and everyone on their cell phones And everyone is using their phones It tells you how addictive it is! Instead of talking to others we prefer to look at the screen And yes I also noticed it when There will be a negative feeling It feels natural to drown it on your cell phone And now I couldn't do it with this And it was awesome! I hear the plane

And what was wonderful? The mornings were wonderful! Because when you wake up you don't look at this cellphone because there's nothing on it! You don't want to surf the web, watch insta, youtube or anything! And I think this kind of phone works best on weekends and holidays! Because it feels like you're more on vacation when you use this kind of phone! So that was a plus! And what's the downside? Well

Because this cellphone doesn't have a good camera, google maps, calendar, email It will make your life tough! If you only want emails You need to have a good calendar at the book fair so you know what's going on! And if you want to photograph your kids you can't do it with this too bad camera So this is a pretty handy device! And how did all this change my life? Well

I believe this is the most important thing Because this really changed my life! In the future I will not use the phone for the first hour at all! I want to live that first hour! And feel what ever I feel! Spending time with my family, eating breakfast, showering, poop! I don't want to use my phone right then! And indeed I will use my smartphone less! It's not a good thing to be on your cell phone It's a lot cooler to live! And see what's going on around you Really live! And not to be here And when the negative feeling comes

I don't want to get away from that moody cell phone I want to feel it and let it go Because it's so much better then! While trying to hide it It is much healthier I will use this phone in the future, but more on weekends and holidays

And now I also like my smartphone a lot more than I did a week ago And I believe I will have a better connection now with this one! But the right question is! Does your smartphone control you? Or do we control ourselves? And as long as we control ourselves And you have the choice whether you use it or not When your hands want to take the phone

Do you say yes I want to use it Or do you say no Not now Now I want to live and not be on the phone! This is the real questioner! This was a great experience! If you want me to do something similar or more experiments in the future Let me know! And also tell me what connection you have with your phone! Are you in control of the phone or is it the other way around? Thank you! And bye !! WoHOO I DID IT !!

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