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    and we begin the next episode of Crypto Morning only here only on the channel and of course we drive straight from Stockholm Sweden and we do these shows every morning at 8:00 am

    every single day Today we will discuss something very important, namely if we look at the whale alert It's just game I don’t think we saw this before h We have huge translations here at $ 400 million In general, we have about 20 transactions each with 40,000 – 55,000 bitcoins it turns out that in general, people have moved 1 million coins 20 transactions of 50,000 this will be the first topic second topic – Deutsche Bank they published a new report on how they see the future in 2030 and a large role is assigned to cryptocurrencies and maybe Crypt will be the cash of the 21st century Then let's talk about Tim Draper who sees Bitcoin in terms of cash Not like digital gold But just like cash His prediction of $ 200,000 per coin has nothing to do with halving, but using bitcoin as cash then take a look at the chat Everyone is welcome !! Good morning everyone! Write Where are you looking Write How are your positions So we drink coffee and watch the Bitcoin market + 19% Ethereum + 1

    9% Ripl 34% monero + 5% Hedgetrade's biggest growth yesterday was a video about Engin they have a partnership with microsoft the biggest drops of BTCD and Solve in general the market is green everyone is happy everyone welcome So we have a collaboration with the exchange but be careful with leverage today watch a video write what you learned new and you can get access to our academy look at transactions in bitcoin Well, these are very significant amounts just an hour ago Someone transferred 1 million in bitcoin they are very similar in amount So it’s possible that these are automated transfers people don’t usually send 55809 there may be a large institutional investor, maybe it is a stock exchange, here one can only guess addresses are not known here but a very large number of addresses are known, for example, cold exchanges wallets if you study the block browser, you can see that certain addresses are correlated with the corresponding exchanges But when we see just huge transactions going there, it’s not quite clear where and where they go it’s almost impossible to say, someone thinks that maybe this is what this pyramid is taking out money Maybe it's Chinese Plastoken Maybe it's just a huge position liquidated in the market, it is unlikely that there are so many bitcoins It will take a very long time, but always follow the whale alerts

    Someone says here that it’s Vancoin but vancoin mainly accepted fiat currencies That is, they have most of the fiat money maybe they transferred their fiat money to Bitcoin, but I doubt their fraudulent scheme is based on that people send regular fiat currencies because they have partners in the banking sector Plan B on Twitter wrote that he was waiting for such large movements and sees this as a good sign maybe it’s generally a purchase of one big investor, on the other hand, why hold them so publicly if someone enters a huge position in bitcoin, I would distribute it into many small transactions so that bloggers do not talk about my huge transaction in their videos, as I am now If I bought and sold a huge amount of coins, I would distribute it over many transactions because as soon as we see such a volume people will immediately follow these addresses everyone will run to look at these addresses through the visualization tool that I showed earlier So maybe this is not the best solution

    and we have good analysis tools But it seems that the transactions are still too fresh and while through the visualization tool nothing is yet visible It would be very interesting to see and we see the transaction itself but there is no visualization yet Write What do you think about this it’s important to look at the activity in the network, let's see what it is And when big players enter the market we can observe such transactions, but still I thought that they would be distributed across small transactions let's talk about one whale, of course, Tim Draper, he has long said that Bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 and he still expects growth According to him, in 2023 we will reach this mark

    It is also connected with the Deutsche Bank report because they talk about cash in the 21st century So far, the perception of cryptocurrencies is digital gold and a macro asset it seems we forgot Where we started and we started with digital cash, but now of course few people want to spend Bitcoin this is quite normal because every year it grows in price, why spend it? you don’t want to be the guy who bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins and it’s hard to say whether Bitcoin is cash now or will it be in the future Now it’s not very much because people like to hold it and watch the price increase in the future when the price stabilizes then people will be more willing to spend it in many respects It depends on will there be a suitable infrastructure for such payments, but Tim Draper sees cash in bitcoin when he says his prediction is not based on a decrease in block rewards namely, on the idea that Bitcoin will capture 5% of the currency market and this requires infrastructure Infrastructure is growing slowly with regard to sellers accepting Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services

    since many people like bitcoin, but few people want to spend it and it’s quite difficult to build an infrastructure for accepting payments in bitcoin More people accepted Bitcoin as payment in 2014 than now The currency market is now 86 trillion if you add to the crypt in 10 years, I think this market will increase to 120 trillion In addition, Deutsche Bank! Banks nowadays really wake up and they see that cryptocurrency will be important in the future We see this report called Concept, we will present 2030 where they write that the world will seriously change by then and they write about many things that may be waiting for Europe, for example, how Europe can increase its growth in 2020 and on page 58 they reveal the 21st century cash theme when we say that Bitcoin is deflationary, we mean its value because it is growing Well of course the number of coins in circulation is constantly increasing in this important subtlety they write that the payment industry is changing forever; they describe how this entire industry is developing Until 2017, no one even looked at cryptocurrency In 2017, Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 per coin Facebook announced its cryptocurrency and now China and everyone else are creating their own national cryptocurrencies But is it cryptocurrency? not really people should call it digital cash Well, of course, in national currencies there will be no open network like Bitcoin Next they describe several scenarios

    and here they compare Bitcoin with the Internet How fast the Internet has developed they compare it with the speed of blockchain development and as the graph shows, we are close enough to the speed of development of the Internet itself; now we are at around 10 years old it’s very interesting that they write about cryptocurrencies and see this trend Ordinary people involved in cryptocurrency now when someone talks about the possible dominance of bitcoin, many people are skeptical Why? Because we have a bear market now and the human brain can hardly distinguish between exponential growth and when Bitcoin grew 10,000 to 20,000 in one week, no one expected this the same thing applies to technology Because when we see that people are massively starting to use some kind of technology it’s very difficult for the human brain to calculate how fast growth will be our brain usually overestimates the results in the short term and as a result a bubble happens as in 2017 but we underestimate the long-term development Most likely, the same with cryptocurrency many people are waiting for rapid growth to earn extra money but do not notice the grandeur of this technology in the long run If you wait only for rapid growth on this, everything you clearly underestimate technology a lot of people think that way type of Bitcoin will rise in price once more and everything happened exactly the same in previous bear markets for example, the period from 2013 to 2017 there was so much negative and then a bull trend begins suddenly everyone is happy everyone becomes evangelicals all at once say what cool technology then the fall begins again and everyone disappears But of course the bank sees a prospect they are talking about three cryptocurrency issues right now First, cryptocurrencies should be recognized by states and regulators Let's see how it will develop Different countries regulate crypts in different ways

    This should stabilize the price and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment But this is the problem of eggs and chicken – the price will stabilize when the capitalization is huge when the market is developed Let's see how it will develop But every year the market grows of course, bubbles are created on the way a la 2017 you need to look at the minimum points in each year and you can see a very stable growth Then they say that in order to become a participant in the payment market, mobile applications like Apple Pay and Google Pay Visa and Mastercard must use Bitcoin Visa and Mastercard already have cryptocurrency payment cards I believe that this is not necessary since using Bitcoin you can not use Visa or Mastercard terminals What is needed is for consumers to show that they want to pay with this asset and motivate sellers to accept Bitcoin and in 2014 many merchants offered this method of payment but did not see much demand from the consumer in addition, you need to understand that one of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency now is that it is impossible to subscribe because most of the online business is subscription based and the same with our academy For example, we take cryptocurrency for an annual subscription But for monthly subscriptions, we must essentially use a third party However, we see a large number of sites that accept Bitcoin with pleasure because PayPal has huge commissions I believe that we don’t really need Apple Pay and Google Pay, although of course it would help Then they write that if these difficulties overcome the future of cash at risk in many ways this will mean that the financial system will be completely built on the consumption of electricity Deutsche Bank looks forward 20 years and the entire financial system built on cryptocurrencies it will be based on electricity consumption because the proof of work algorithm is what is now being used There is still no good alternative, we will see how ethereum will develop with POS For a smooth transition to fully digital financial system platforms, we need to be prepared for any power outages and cyber attacks, that is, they are actually preparing, I would say that Deutsche Bank understands what's the matter it is very important to work in even when the mood is bearish around Perhaps the states will need to store the data of their citizens in other countries for example, Estonia stores all the information about its citizens in Luxembourg, they also talk about hacks because many exchanges were hacked But in general, they look to the future and will not be surprised if cryptocurrencies become mainstream I think this is interesting This is not some small movement anymore

    This is not the industry of geeks and nerds as it was in 2011/12 and for this we must “thank” Mark Zuckerberg because with his libra project the development of other countries now also goes very fast we talked about France yesterday, I think without libra they would not have activated so Zuckerberg showed them that if you stand still – you will be in the red and banks have developed very lazily and slowly because they felt good enough Over the years, banks have turned a blind eye to cryptocurrency and hoped that she would disappear but she only got stronger and stronger By the way, drink plenty of water! move on! 30 billion dollars in cryptocurrency do not move since 2014 this report goes through different scenarios most likely most of this money is lost forever – the keys are lost Or maybe it's just holders Three and a half percent of all Bitcoin coins have not moved for 5 years, with an average balance of 6500 Bitcoin This report was made by decrypt It describes how many people lost their keys And how many people hold coins

    and when people lose their keys it’s essentially a donation to everyone else, and as Satoshi said, you can consider it a donation to everyone else because in this way the number of available coins decreases And when this happens the price will rise faster so access to the academy is obtained by Quantum Heeling who wrote "I learned that I can move billions of dollars from Antarctica to Siberia for a penny" just write to me I recommend taking development courses or an initial course what do we have in the chat? So update on Whale Alerts these transactions are most likely exchange / change transactions therefore, we will show them less often, that is, in fact, it is people who send coins to themselves usually an exchange transaction occurs when your unspent output is more than you want to spend and then the balance is returned to your wallet in a separate transaction Well, if you have such a change xD

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