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05 Most Useful Free Websites Every Smartphone Computer & internet User Must Know


Hello everyone, so I'm going to tell you some of the websites These wave websites are for a programmer or for a student as we know that on daily basis We have such kind of work We cannot do very fastly so I have some websites I am going to show you so our first website is This one so the website name is The website PDF drive, so there like whenever we are going to like anyway We want to download any of the like as I student I believe that whenever we are going to Download any of the book or that is like if that is paid what we have to do We don't need to do anything like we just need to come here and we need to just write the name Of that book in that manner, we will get our book

So let me write like I want to know about hacking Okay, so I will write hacker or like there are many books as you can see So I can download easily, okay? so let's move on to next our second we do is a second website is this one so As we know that there are many people they want to use pictures but whenever they upload their Pictures like they took from outside or they take from outside or whenever they take and at that time Bail, they like if we post any photo on Google or somewhere like a YouTube they send us corporate strike and we don't want to see so for that we have this website as you can see there are may millions of good pictures and if you want to download we can download we can create ID here and–but this is full of free as I believe so Let me search something like programming program I mean Programming so as you can see, there are millions of you photos a lot There are a lot So so next year So next website is for a program Program Okay So HTML V3 schools comm this website when I was like when I came When I came to know that this is a website where I can learn programming Programming like if I go in an enriched to Institute they charge very much So for at that time, I do not have money That's why I came here and I started learning from here there are many things like Let's see a simple example

This is and here you can do practice as well So see there is your code All every code is here and This is the output input output, okay So let's move on to next So as we know that whenever we are going to type something we don't really say some such kind of spelling mistakes Okay, and like we are not well in that manner, we cannot write very fastly but we can speak Okay, so this is a website Where I will provide to the websites link in depression you can use it and this is the website where if You will speak So, let's see, like let me refresh it first and I will click here and whatever I am speaking they are going to type it as You can see it is typing See it is a very nicely Okay, I am on shoe See it types very fast and it will wear in it is very nice as well So, let's move on to the next first stop it and This is for a beginner if a person wants to do any of the leg job for that that person should have resuming and Here you can make your own resume a they will not charge anything Okay, so we don't need we don't need to read We just need to write our name Iman shoe and it should be capital and like Personal all the things we do You can write here your photo your personal your qualification your address all the things and you can download here Easily So for today we have only these many websites I Will meet you in next Next video, so have a nice time

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