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? TUTO : Comment Streamer avec son Smartphone + FaceCam ?


Hello and welcome to my channel! Today I will give you a tutorial how to stream on your phone let's go! To start we go to Play Store, then you go to the search bar you put screen recorders, so me it's already written here and there you choose one, me personally this is the one I use You go to it after downloading it

There I will give you an example For example, I'm going to go to an app so any You go to the program, you press there on the red button and off you go! It also captures your voice After if you want to see what you recorded you return to the program, you stop to stop recording To view what you have recorded you go to Home

Everything you've saved can be found here I'll make you see it on a game it will be better Yes i know i have a lot of apps For example the Mahjong game, if you want to Stream you go there You go to settings

there I will explain how to put the Face Cam You have to tick here And there I appear Then press the red button there, you leave this page to go to the game And here we Stream go !!! You stop when you have finished your Stream

To find what you have saved, you go to Home To remove the Face Cam you just have to press the little cross To see your recording you go there That's what happens So this app I find it awesome ! I recommend it for those who love Streamer! Now you know Streamer on your Smarphone! Connect your Smartphone to your computer to edit video editing software

A little editing, especially to remove the ads so that your video is pleasant to watch Once done, you put your video online in a cleaner, more professional way I hope my tutorial video helped you understand how to Stream on your Smartphone Hope my explanations have been clear enough It's not very complicated, I think you can do it! Excuse me because sometimes I tend not to look at the camera, Because I'm more used to playing movies, YouTube, it's new to me 🙂 I invite you to subscribe and click on the notification bell to see the other videos coming out

Share it thoroughly and I say hi !!! 😉

Source: Youtube

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