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? F├╝llstand- und Drucksensoren mit dem Smartphone bedienen | VEGA talk


Hi Tom Hi Andi

I have to get over it somehow There you have something to do What are you doing over there? I have to parameterize the sensor But if the sensor has Bluetooth, that's easy with the smartphone Should I show you how this works? Yes, sure

Then come with me For sensors where Bluetooth is already integrated, you only need the VEGA Tools app on your smartphone For older sensors from 2002 you have to replace PLICSCOM with a PLICSCOM with Bluetooth Do I have to update? No, the sensors can be used immediately with the new PLICSCOM Okay, what can I do with it? You can use diagnostic features or start up with your smartphone How big is the range? That comes, as at home in the wifi, on the environment – but you can expect at least 25 m

And is this also applicable in the Ex area? Our sensors can also spark in hazardous areas However, you need a smartphone with approval for the Ex area Can anyone easily connect to their cell phone and sensor? No, for security you have to enter a sensor PIN to connect via Bluetooth This PIN is individual for each device Do I have to re-enter the PIN every time? That would be pretty awkward

VEGA offers a keychain solution This means that the PIN entered on the smartphone syncs to your other devices If your smartphone is replaced by a new one, the new device will automatically transfer all PINs from the keychain Ingenious solution That's right, the other day I've been able to help despite my fear of heights, to parameterize a sensor on a high tank

Cool, that helps me with my sensor Thank you for the informations If you also have a hard-to-access application, this is the optimal solution I hope you liked the video – see you next time

Source: Youtube

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