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앤쏘니가 읽어주는 영어신문 두번째!! UN guidelines, Global smartphone market(Korea Herald)


Hello guys! I’m back with my second video and there was a question on my last vlog Whether the comfort women were forcibly taken into sexual slavery or did they do it voluntarily Well, I can tell you it’s 100% sure that they were kidnapped when they were just kids and forcibly taken into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers and the soldiers did so many horrible and Inhumane things to those girls So please, don’t be confused by the faked news While I’m reviewing my last video, I found it little boring to read a whole article So today I brought 2 articles but I’m gonna read them briefly and give you some useful expressions & translation simultaneously Alright, let’s go!! Alright that’s the wrap for today I know there are not many people watching my videos but if you are watching my video Please do let me know, how do you like this Take care, bye bye~!~!

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