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더벙커 OBD2단말기 몬스터게이지 (the World Best Smartphone IOT OBD2 CAR Scanner) w/ English subtitle


You want this? Yes! I will! Why are you suggesting this? To pair with the car! Ah to pair with the car You see, driving distance, driving hours, temperature of the mission oil, coolant temperature, RPM, Horse power, used fuel amount Since started the car, we've used 6 cents of fuel Oh! This is what I need And when you swipe to next page Engine load, Torque, Still, this tablet PC connects to the car? Yes, I already turned on the car (vroom vroom) (The graph shows accelerator, and RPM) You see, You can read speed, RPM, and others with your bear eyes on live Sit Sit There are still lots of things to explain

Long way to go, still This is showing a ranking of your fuel economy among other users, I am now at 86th You will figure out how fuel-efficiently you've driven on live So it is possible to compete with not only your friends, but also others whom you don't know Sometimes you feel like "I have problem in my car" but you don't know where it is and you most likely go to a repair-center near your home You meet a mechanic to use auto ECU scanner to read error codes, which let you know the problem The ECU scanner starts to analyze your car But with this solution, you don't have to go to meet a mechanic anymore Because it connects to ECU It shows the error codes on your smartphone real time Here, hit the trouble check the system analyzes the error code and it said 'No Trouble Code detected" and if it has, it will show up You mean any problem? You just can tell the mechanic to fix the problem, because you know the error code with problem yes! When you have crazy night with lots of alcohol after you parked somewhere but you don't remember where This app shows where you went today, and also where you parked last time on the map It is impossible to lose your car Wife can detect where your husband is! when turn off your car, it said < you've spent 15 cents > This is fuel consumption in dollar Yes While you drive, this shows the status of your car condition on live So this help you have a safe drive and monitor your driving habit

Source: Youtube

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