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갤럭시 Z 플립 대란 I 톰브라운에디션 추가판매 되나요? tech talk tips


Hello everyone I brought the Galaxy Z Flip today I loved the product If you listen to the story today, There are parts where the spec is partially dropped For the price It's a new design I want to buy it because it's pretty It was a cell phone that felt so much This is also a product loaned by skt I have to send it to you again tomorrow morning

I have used this product for 3-4 days I was proud of my acquaintances Look at this Fold ~ !!! I talked about this a lot Every time everybody is surprised There was a reaction that I didn't know it was a cell phone There was a reaction that I thought it was a cosmetic fact It seems to be thing which is eye-catching product well I didn't buy it when I pre-booked the Galaxy Z Flip This is 11 o'clock on the 20th A little later, Tom Brown Edition pre-order will start

Can you succeed? Ah Is it possible? Before you buy Tom Brown Edition I will briefly introduce this product I'll tell you my short life If the Galaxy Fold is a product that can be opened like a tablet In the case of the Galaxy Z flip It is a product that can be used by folding a cell phone in half

It was really good for portability It was really nice to carry it in one hand My friend saw this product and told me about it Usually when you go out when you go out lightly I carry a lot of card wallets The card wallet fits in your pocket It wasn't convenient because I had to carry my phone in one hand Will Z flip into your pocket like this? He said When folded like an old folder phone Tak cold doesn't have that elastic taste Closes heavily And when you look sideways there's this gap When I open this product and turn it on There are a lot of precautions It is said to be weak in water There were a lot of instructions that you should be careful not to get foreign objects You have to be careful with that The product display size is 6 7 inches This is the same size as the S20 series released But it's a little lighter than the plus 183g Actual weight is a little lighter than 183 g I felt it It might be small, but it felt lighter Galaxy Z flip is purple and black Among the products released overseas, there are also gold colors I have purple color Something similar in color to the Note 9 But it's more colorful than the Note 9 I feel like aurora Display is FHD + but ultrathin It is said that the display was made using ultra thin glass

So you can fold it like this When I touched the display like this It's not that hard when you touch the Note 10+ I feel like it's pressed when I touch it Watching videos from overseas youtubers There was a video that said that Galaxy Z flips when it is scratched with a fingernail Because I rented this product I couldn't scratch my nails I really used to pampering There's still a bit of talk about durability In addition to the internal display There is also an external display Really small I can see the time You can see things like notifications and turn sideways to get apps I can do a simple confirmation There is a speaker at the bottom of the product Volume control button on the right Underneath is the power button Fingerprint recognition can also be done with the power button If you look at the left side, there is a place There is no sd card slot Additional memory expansion is not possible The Galaxy Z flip has a speaker at the bottom Mono speaker It's kind of annoying to watch the video It was a little uncomfortable that only one side sound came out The battery is 3300mAh Supports 15W charging The camera has two cameras on the back When taking selfies with the camera on the back Through the external display I can check my face I tried this Because it's too small to enter my face I didn't really use it You can choose from wide angle and normal angle of view modes

Super Steady is possible Life focus is possible The funny thing is when you shoot with the front camera like this The screen is split in half You can shoot selfies freely Leave it down like a cosmetic fact I could apply lipstick while looking at the phone camera This may be the only advantage of Z flip It was a short time, but with Z flip I did some camera shooting in my daily life I'm also shooting an S20 Ultra camera I'm editing Looking at the Z flip and the S20 Ultra shot There are some camera image differences When using the Z flip, it's a little hard to expect the camera like the S20 If you really care about camera performance I might be sorry I shoot a lot on my phone And then I often write in my video Using Z-Flip like this When you edit, I think you'll feel a little unfortunate And the result I shot I was trying to transfer it to my laptop using Samsung Dex Dex It's really convenient to pass videos or photos It was a bit unfortunate because it was not available What I felt when using this product There are some parts of the spec I can't add a camera or external memory One speaker I can see a few of these other price points But I thought it was the cell phone I want to own If you look at the latest phones Now the specs are so good The camera also comes out better I think I became a high spec So every year when mobile phones come out New dramatic performance It seems to be a little harder In this case, the element of performance + design It seems to greatly influence the mind of the consumer The consumer's wallet is also wide open This time I really opened my wallet with Tom Brown Edition Like the Galaxy Z Flip There are a variety of new form factor phones Not just watching a video, writing a message, or making a phone call

When you become one device that can express your personality I think it will be a little more fun I hope to come out more diversely in the future For those interested in the Galaxy Z flip Let me introduce a little bit of SK benefits I got a loan from SK I'll introduce you briefly Beginning February 14th, T-World Direct Two kinds of Arari cases specially made for Z flip I'll provide it There are also prizes For 14 to 27 days Among T World direct purchase customers Draw 422 people Samsung the sherrif tv two 20 Samsung Jet Cleaners Shinsegae Gift Certificate is also available for 400 people If you are interested in the Galaxy Z flip, I think you should look for these benefits Today we introduce Galaxy Z flip I told you about my 3-4 days Thank you for watching today's video Then see you again in the next video Hello ~!

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