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Korea Samsung Electronics smartphone, sales fall sharply! (Translated by googlecom) Samsung Electronics boasts the No

1 share in the smartphone market, but its sales have dropped significantly in the third quarter In the third quarter, it fell by 125% ​​compared with the same period last year, the only decline in the top five companies Apple is ranked 1st, followed by HUAWEI, Oppo, Vivo, which is below 3rd place, has increased sales Samsung Electronics defended 1st place in shipping volume, but it also has a downward trend of 2% minus

Second place is over Huawei, surpassing Apple, which is 4% higher than last year Samsung Electronics has increased its production in India, but in the third quarter Xiaomi reversed it again and surrendered the top position India is still a promising market because half of them are feature phones Samsung Electronics is planning to offensive by deploying Galaxy J series and A series for low price markets And next year I want to solidify the top position with 5G compatibility, foldable (Foldable) F series, new model S10

However, some of the new functions of S10 are already installed by Chinese manufacturers and it seems that they will be forced to fight hard Article Source: http://bitly/2BxEXPu http://bitly/2Bx0306 http://bitly/2BwHh9k Korean reaction If the performance is high and the price is high, it can only be pushed out gradually

The final assembly industry can not win China Differences in personnel costs arise Actually Samsung and Hyundai Motor assembly companies are leaving Korea · · · It is also a matter of time to fall It is only maintained since the US is holding down HUAWEI and Xiaomi now

Xiaomi's Pocophone is tremendous Game performance is better than Galaxy S 9 and the price is 350,000 won (about 30 $) Although there is no waterproof and the resolution is inferior, cameras and so on are unchanged It's much more attractive to gamers Let's buy Samsung even if we are hundreds of thousands of won! People in India hate China, do not they? As in China, Samsung will reduce its market share to 0

5% in India in 2 years By the way, what is LG doing? Have you become a subcontractor of HUAWEI? It can not be helped now that the sales results are not impaired in the preparation period People postponed purchase expecting an innovative terminal of folding phone (Foldable_phone) with S10

In Japan, there was an article saying that Apple will perish, but the fact is that domestic enterprises will be destroyed The corporate tax hike is very large Then, the government is to release the technology frequently All sides are enemies Samsung's smartphone and semiconductor must withstand to earn a little more time to overwhelm the incompetent leftist regime

I've been pushing the specs, but it is pushed by specs I doubt if 2 million won (about 1800 $) foldable smartphones will be popular in China and India This was already expected several years ago and it is a result that was obviously seen The limitation of hardware differentiation is clear There is almost no difference between Samsung and HUAWEI hardware There is no big difference in software technology such as artificial intelligence Really throw away the edge display for a moment

It will be such a result because it sticks to what is boring and there is nothing to use Comment Quoted from: http://bitly/2BxB7Wn http://bitly/2BwQ62O http://bitly/2BxBosn The idea of ​​Japanese editors Samsung continues to aim for low price phones that are on sale as well as selling premium phones, but business seems to be difficult all the time

Apple maintaining the top ranking in sales while maintaining market share is abnormal Nevertheless shipments are decreasing and shocking the industry Samsung really wanted to do business like Apple, but unfortunately I could not become Apple I made OS and original app stores, connectors, but it only makes users feel inconvenienced Even now I have a special feature of Galaxy only, but I do not feel like using too much heretics

I was using tablets for many years, so I was expecting a folding phone (Foldable_phone), but I was disappointed when I saw Samsung's demonstration aircraft You can already have a big screen smartphone There are various uniqueness, such as a good function and a function that can be used like a PC by connecting a keyboard and a mouse with a display and nothing to make other bad characters Still it is too expensive and there are not many people who are not so distinctive and need to be Samsung In Korea, LG is no longer able to demonstrate its power abroad

It is the same position as Japanese makers I think that Samsung can be said to be sharp in the industry once, but gradually it will be buried in other people Still, what position should it be if you can continue fighting in the global market? Thank you for your viewing If you do not mind, please evaluate the movie Either good evaluation, bad evaluation, it does not matter

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