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流動日常 – Profoto C1 Plus The Studio light for Smartphone


Hello, I am Henry, if this is your first time to my channel, Welcome! If you have been watching and haven't subscribed yet please subscribe my channel If you take mobile photography seriously The episode is made for you I am going to introduce the Profoto C1 Plus Lets talk about the outlook of the C1 Plus Designed in round shapes Although it is round, but there is a flat bottom it let you place it on table safely Under the flat bottom is a USB-C charging plug one standard tripod screw mount On the top there are few buttons, one LED light on / off button The C1 Plus power switch, this power switch is a shutter button that will sync with your smartphone Profoto Camera App besides the shutter button that is the power level controller Profoto is a professional lighting company That's why C1 Plus also comes with a lot of light shaper light shaper On my hand is the Dome diffuser This Clic Dome can also mount on the A1X Besides the CLIC DOME There are different Gel that you can purchase to expand your creativity on photography [ Click sound ] The "CLIC" system use magnet to mount the accessories on the A1X and C1 Plus Once it is on it won't fall off easily The C1 Plus Can be triggered by DSLR or Mirrorless camera if you have the Profoto Air TTL or Air Trigger It is time to share my thoughts after own the C1 Plus for 3 months Since it is designed for smartphone and there always a app for it Here comes the Profoto app It can remote control the power output of the C1 Plus and inside the app there is a Profoto Camera function The C1 Plus is a small but powerful light relatively It means the light from C1 Plus is a bit hard it fits for Dramatic high contract photo But if you wants to use it as a fill light letting more ambient light into your photo just swipe the power slide to Natural The Profoto Camera provide options for Exposure and white balance The Camera App can save the file in RAW formats It also can connect up to 3 C1 or C1 Plus lights On Dec, I made a set of photos with a Handsome model Photos was created by iPhone X and the SV Assets Telephone Pro 60mm Lens I bet you will agreed that the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus Take Mobile Photography into next level So it's time to warp-up if you have any questions about the C1 Plus Please leave your comment below

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