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【LD.TECH】Razer Viper 雷蛇最強?69g羽量級光學微動的衝擊


I am ready to shoot Almost This is 喔 Hey, what are you using this mouse to black all the time? A, not your favorite Razer Really fake thunder snake Otherwise, look at the power Really thunder snake Hello everyone, welcome to our LD

Tech out of the box That is the time to open the box is this Just listed hot and hot RAZER VIPER For this show, we will provide exclusive discount code For everyone to use 喔 So be sure to watch our out of the box喔 Then why should I borrow this mouse with the Razer this time? Because this is the current mouse of all the snakes The lightest one This is the first time that Razer has used optical micromotion on a mouse The above two points will promote the decision of cost out of the box Then go watch it啰 First of all, the outer packaging also inherits the style of VIPER's brothers and sisters

The back cover is still in a black design The side is using the thunder snakes they are proud of This black and green classic color is very eye-catching in the store The side information emphasizes this mouse It is specially designed for the eSports team of Razer On the other side, I also put a handsome guy Tell you that this mouse is cool, handsome, very light, I use it very cool Every time I open their home, the products are very cool

Packaging is both environmentally friendly and cool There is a manual attached to it, and there is a letter written by the CEO of Razer There is also a custom sticker with a CHROMA Next, I will look at Viper’s body USB connector also has a protective cover This is really full of heart Add points The cable tie it uses is not the traditional cheap wire Switch to a rubber cable tie that is easy to reuse Add points The line used by Viper this time is a braided wire But it is not a general braided wire This time, Razer officially claimed this RAZER SPEEDFLEX Softer and more flexible I think it is tailored to this extremely lightweight mouse

Next, look at Viper himself Here I take my love mouse DA snake for comparison Let him introduce himself first DA snake about I used it from 2013 At present, I am in the hands of the second generation Then Viper finally separated the left and right buttons

Because in fact, many rat snakes like to make this seamless left and right button Of course, it is more beautiful Many players will feel that the pressure on this side will be different So since viper is a product that is discussed and developed with the players Naturally, I will improve on this point Let the left and right buttons feel the same in all places And this time the official also used it on the mouse for the first time

Optical axis micromotion technology The last light-driven product was their home keyboard Huntsman Officially announced products that use optical axis fretting More stable and fast transfer of instructions to the computer But actually, I think the original mechanical fretting is very fast The difference after using the optical axis is really negligible I can't feel it But I think there will be positive help And this time the official claims that it can reach 70 million clicks But we can’t give you a 70 million visits here

Let's believe it Talking about the wheel Viper's scroll section is very obvious But also very quiet This instruction to replace the weapon for the wheel in the game It’s easy to feel if you have changed to a gun Both for shooting games and for both general use situations It’s a normal setting The left and right sides are respectively covered with a rubber sliding sheet Helps to improve the feel But I am still an old saying It may be oily for a long time I will take care of it myself

At least I think it’s really good when I first got it In addition, there are also a total of four macro keys In addition, there are also a total of four macro keys I personally think that these buttons are a bit too small to be pressed But it may also take into account the relationship of mishaps So I did it a little smaller Under normal posture The thumb has enough room to operate And won't touch the macro key I will share it here The DA snake is for players who have a small hand or a grip

The macro key on the left is easy to touch This is also a bit of a hit Then come the customary belly Also using two large mouse feet design Especially the mouse feet below have to be enlarged again Use it even more And the button to change the DPI is also set at the bottom This should also be an anti-missing design And will make color tips according to the DPI you set

Be a thoughtful design What is the actual feeling of using it? I originally thought that the DA snake was probably the life of my life Really when I first got Viper Really scared by its weight And will subconsciously feel that it may be very floating and feel bad But I probably played a night of survival for the Jedi I feel that the lightweight mouse control is also very good Sometimes turning back or turning around I don’t need too much effort to reach the direction I want

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