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    കുതിരയെ കാണാൻ അന്ദിയൂരിലേക്ക്| a journey in to anthiyur horse market|agri tech farming|tn travel


    welcome to a new video today we are going a trip in to anthiyur village near eroad there we have a huge market of cattle hours cow the area is almost 200 acre of land mainly hours is the attraction of anthiyur market and heifers cows buffalo bull and many more to see and also camel the day we are going is 2019 august 7 the uploading is little delayed due to kerala flood the main aim is to buy a hours for my friend meet my friend binoy kayanattil he is a mech engineer and now a full time farmer we just eaten food from a restaurant near nassiyannur the time is 8 am still its rainy in tamilnadu also its a good and bad thing for us if rain comes agri sector of tamilnadu will definitely boost and also its a positive sign for us if heavy rain fall starts its too risky to shoot clear visuals the main crops are sugarcane and maize and also chilly brinjal etc the another interesting fact is still in the village ve can see naked sheep bull keepers like tarsen but we did int take shorts rain is still narrow thanks to god finally we reached anthiyur citty we just entered in to the market see the fodder stores but price is tooo high 50inr for 3 small bundles finally we reach our destination see the horse these people trying to mate their horses here we cane see thousands of horses we can see many racing champions here the horse we are viewing now is low priced once between 6000to 20000 inr champions are coming soon in the upcoming videos stay tuned these kind of visuals are rare in youtube we have more than a lack of bulls in anthiyur cattle market the price range is 3000to5000 for small animals but this is a yearly market the advantage is here we can directly buy from farmers we just seen a stall by a political prty its not for sale you can hire camel for a ride here by paying a small amount its another stall by a farm they are selling original mura buffalo we can see a fodder farm in the market the planting method is entirely different from kerala they are planting very thick so no worry abut weed control they are not racing only fodder grass they are planting as a mix of fodder grass and maize crops we can use maize for feed and plant for fodder here we have a moringa plantation these are for drumstick not for leaf so dont forget to subscribe and like also checkout our previous videos

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