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ଆଡି ଜାଲା (End Game of B.Tech) || new santali comedy video || Sagun Singal || Sasmita || Addition SB


Call Ringing Hey brother, how are you? Brother, is there anything wrong? Ohhh there is a fight with my sister-in-law

Shut up! Don’t talk about her Then tell me, what happened? Laughing BTech is finished, sad to say! No, BTech finished me! For that I’m sad Oh Then you are UMM

Haat you still kidding me, here my mind not working PIG What you said me? PIG I don’t talk with you

Aee don’t talk with me like that, give me a solution! Please Don’t follow the “DULAR DARHA” dialogue, you said me as PIG BTech is finished now! Tell me what i do? Ohh

wow is that day came, you will listen to me! Why you not understand me? In 4 years of BTech you was fell asleep, i think do that again

Please Laughing (Father Calling) My father calling me, i call you letter

okey No, am not! (Call Dismiss)

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