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मोबाइल की लत को कैसे छोड़े | Smartphone Ke Addiction Se Kaise Bache Tips in Hindi – Social Fever App


Do you use a lot of phone And is worried about the problems caused by smartphone addition So watch this video till the last and know about some smartphone technologies to deal with smartphone addiction Hello friends, I welcome Yogesh Sharma Tweak Library on Hindi YouTube channel Today I will tell you how to keep yourself away from your smartphone First of all, if you have not subscribed to our channel So subscribe now and also click on the bell icon So that you do not miss any of our videos

So let's start today's video In today's time, everyone is very badly addicted to smartphones We keep playing on mobile either for hours Or else keep running other social media apps So we will know about how to get rid of this addiction To deal with smartphone addition, there are many apps available on Google Play Store But i'm going to tell you The most effective app about social fever You can download Social Fever app from Play Store And its download link is also given in the description below

Go to Play Store and search Social Fever And install it Now you have to open this app And it has to be approved After this click on Set Goal After that you have to select those apps The ones you want to track The default maximum time limit is 30 minutes Which you can also edit After that if you run an app or game more than the set time limit So Social Fever will give information about your time limit Because the problem is like we run an app like Instagram or Facebook So we do not know how long he is on that app In addition, this app has many more interesting features

Such as water reminder, eye tracking, bicycle riding, cooking, dancing With this app, you can also see how many times you have unlocked your phone And how long have the app been run You will get many such features in this app If you want to know more about this app So tell us by commenting Like if you liked the video And do not forget to subscribe to Tweak Library Hindi So friends, see you soon with a new video for today

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