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ما هو افضل محرك بحث ؟ || TECH TALK


What's going, guys welcome to another episode in TECH TALK In this episode, I will be talking about search engine The difference and the characteristics of each of them we will We will discuss all of these after the Intro, so let's go welcome, My Name is Abdelhak Assagdi, In this channel, we do a lot of things, such as Technology, science also tutorials so if you are interested in those topics, consider subscribing As I said before, I told you that I will talk About The Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing the properties of each one of them and also the difference between them so you can choose the best for you, Let's start with Google first

Google is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet The site contains the titles of millions of web sites covering all topics You can also use the function of searching images in websites in addition to the function of advanced search that is located on the site and the possibility of searching for information and sites in more than one language, including Arabic and some of Google's features and features: Google offers 112 languages, making it easy to use for most users The fastest in indexing new pages, the size of its database according to the latest estimates about 9 billion pages Google provides many free services and software to its users to enhance their ability to reach what they want or are looking for on the Internet, and these services: * Web Search Service * Image search service * Group search service * News search service * Book search service Google is the best search engine for information on the Internet, but if you do not know the basics of search skills on Google, you will be lost between the vast amount of information and the results it shows you, so you must know the means and skills that will facilitate access to what you need from Information accurately and easily and easily so If you want me to do a tutorial about This Topic and how to perform a good research, just let me know in the comment box below now let us finish our video Even if you are looking for a word in English and you do not change the keyboard language and type it in Arabic, the error will be corrected and the Second search Engine is YAHOO Yahoo is one of the biggest, Yahoo suffered a great loss Lately, causing him to lose his reputation a little bit but he is still one of the good searches engines Yahoo is very interested and focused on websites with English content and neglects the rest of the languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew and French, unlike Google, which interested in the world's most widely used languages and developed for most countries their own sites contain the possibility to search the language of the country or the pages of the sites to which it belongs His preference in English does not mean the web pages only, but the corresponding aspects of research, such as searching for images and news and shopping, which is usually the advantage of English for the abundance of results for this language

Services provided by Yahoo: This new service or property is the storage of your search results automatically to ensure that you do not lose the information In addition, you can return to your search results and complete your project without any difficulties Yahoo! has named this feature "Pad" Google has tested this type of service and launched a service called "Notebook" and was very effective but it needs a user order to activate and use it, unlike Yahoo's Pad, which works automatically and I will say it again, If you want me to do a tutorial about how to perform a good research, just let me know in the comment box below Bing, is one of my favorite, made by Microsoft, The Microsoft Bing search engine achieved its first success by bypassing Yahoo's search engine The percentage of Bing on the search engine market in America is 16%, compared to 10% for Yahoo and 71% for Google search engine

Globally, Microsoft has achieved a rate of 56% compared to 513% for the Yahoo search engine and 87% for Google search engine The conflict with the Google search engine needs more time and effort to approach the Microsoft search engine than the Google search engine Bing search engine characteristics: Bing offers several sections on multiple topics and services where you can use these sections separately to facilitate the search function instead of using the normal search engine where you will be able to find detailed information about the subject or what you are looking for, These include: 1 – Section to search for images 2 – section of the video 3

Department of Health 4 Section of maps like Google too, who don't know Google Maps 5 Local Information Section 6- News section Etc and one of the characteristics of Bing Also 1- Access to information about the page and its components before visiting 2 High accuracy of search results through the engine 3 Support a large number of languages same as Google 4

Possibility to use a number of advanced search functions 5 A very sophisticated image search engine that offers many options that make searching for images easier and more accurate And many other services so after I showed you 3 of the biggest Search Engines, there is much other search Engine, that I will discuss in another video if you want me to, I don't want to this video to be so long and about " WHAT Search Engine That I USE? " I will tell you Is GOOGLE Because I use the Email service of Google, Gmail, and Google Drive to stock my data in case I need it any time anywhere

also is very Easy and accurate in languages English, French, Arabic, even the dutch So my opinion is to use Google so That's it guys, I hope you enjoy it don't forget to like, subscribe and share it with your friends, to motivate me to do more videos, and to teach you more about the tech world Also Making Morocco stronger in the field of technology like other countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia one thing I really didn't like, is that Samsung didn't call any Moroccan to be there when they launch Samsung Note 9 support our channel to Make more videos, and why not to be one of the big channels in the world see you in another video, and don't forgot fight for your dreams, work Hard and Smart Bye

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