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Ортопедические стельки ORTO Mix Tech обзор


The ORTO Mix Tech orthopedic insoles are thin, full-size universal insoles They have a plastic frame of medium length with a heel opening, a moderately pronounced calculation of the longitudinal arches and a metatarsal roller of medium size and a smooth form

The basis is made of Memopur® polyurethane The coating is made of unique material Sahara Skin Features: – Medium length plastic frame with heel hole – Moderate display of longitudinal arches – Metatarsal cushion medium size smoothed form – Memopur® polyurethane base, which in the process of socks acquires an individual form, which allows redistributing the pressure on the surrounding soft tissues and, accordingly, relieve painful areas of the foot sole surface – The coating of the unique material Sahara Skin, which provides an optimal microclimate in the shoes due to its absorbing and antimicrobial properties [/ upload / medialibrary / 81f / 81f415ef7ea8ab41976356a0ee709b2b jpg]

Source: Youtube

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